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  1. reverend_sean

    Stock Pirelli P7s on Track

    $100 cheaper would have pushed me in that direction too! I have the graphite ones (y)
  2. reverend_sean

    Stock Pirelli P7s on Track

    I look forward to hearing how the tires work out for you! The Apex were a great choice!
  3. reverend_sean

    Stock Pirelli P7s on Track

    Since my gut tells me you are going to catch the track bug, just keep in mind a few things about wheels choice. 1) You will want the lightest, strongest, most track-focused wheel you can afford. 2) If you get hooked and start doing more than 2 or 3 PDE's a season, you will want bigger brakes...
  4. reverend_sean

    The Secret Santa 2022 Thread!

    We did! It is something! My wife refers to it as "the rat poison" now and says she would rather chew the bark off a tree. My sister, who doesn't drink, feels it ruined a good portion of her Christmas day. Luckily for me, there is enough in the bottle for 3-4 more Christmases! It truly is...
  5. reverend_sean

    Boosting on a Budget- 19birel's MK7.5 Build

    I live in Pgh and do about 6-8 PDEs per year with my '16 GTI. I have a number of the mods you are probably considering (in the back of your mind, if not formally!) - BBK, engine mounts, downpipe, stg 2 EQT, WaveTrac, SuperPro front controls arms, sway bars, etc. We need to get together and...
  6. reverend_sean

    WTB: Rear Stress/Brace Bar

    This makes me so so happy
  7. reverend_sean

    Need a new fuel door for my tornado red MK7

    Use this site! Lots of red ones are available to be shipped for around $55. Use the Part Grade column to make sure you are getting "A & 0" (just means the part should be in near-perfect condition). Ask the parts person to send you a few pics of it too before buying. GL...
  8. reverend_sean

    WTB: Rear Stress/Brace Bar

    go get it!
  9. reverend_sean

    The Secret Santa 2022 Thread!

    What the heck?! I worked in the service industry and lived in Chicago for a year and still have never heard of it. I am super pumped to add it to the holiday festivities!
  10. reverend_sean

    The Secret Santa 2022 Thread!

    Holy friggin smokes @dtfd. I need to raise my Secret Santa game... I have a ~12 bottles of bourbon so I am thrilled to have this guy join the party. I don't know what Malort liqueur is yet, but I look forward to getting in a fight with my family after drinking it all :) Thanks so much!
  11. reverend_sean

    Wet Track Days

    Ha! My second-ever track day I had a Huracan spin right in front of me too, but in the dry. It was the driver's first day and you could tell he was timid. He ran too wide out of a downhill turn, dipped his rear tire off the track and went to throttle at the same time. Spun like 2 times at...
  12. reverend_sean

    Wet Track Days

    I love rainy HPDE track days. I only have about 25 days total under my belt (6 have been in the rain), so likely there is some "you don't know what you don't know" mixed in with opinion, but I love the reduced speeds combined with playing with the limit of adhesion. I am sure as I get faster...
  13. reverend_sean

    MK7 'Performance Pack' -- Brakes

    Definitely look at FCP Euro and research their Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Their prices a very fair, their customer service is great, shipping is always MUCH quicker than they say it is going to be, and if you plan to own your car long term, their replacement program will absolutely pay off...
  14. reverend_sean

    First Gear

    Oddly, I thought that being able to get the car moving (with a very gentle clutch release and without adding any throttle input) was just a trait of the MK7s. My first car was a 2015 PP (stock clutch; varying versions of stock/JB4/COBB/EQT tunes) and my current car is a 2016 (Southbend Stg 2...
  15. reverend_sean

    SOLD: Carlinkit CPC200-CP2A. $45 dollars plus shipping

    I'll take this! Been wanting to try one out.
  16. reverend_sean

    Wanted: UU style led headlights

    Not UU but something to consider I guess
  17. reverend_sean

    Sold: 2017 MK7 GTI SE 6MT Pure White

    What a great car! GLWS!
  18. reverend_sean

    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    I assume 2 is a high-speed into heavy braking right-hand turn? It's just the PCV. You could try the newest version of the PCV (many people say this fixed their white smoke cloud), but I threw on the catch can and I have never had it happen since. Richmond stays pretty mild temp wise so I bet...