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    A-Pillar Mount

    I've been looking for a long time and unable to find this. I want an A-pillar mount for my AccessPort, but I think it would be useful for phones as well. It would keep it near the line of sight, rather than down by the shifter where the proclips mount, and it wouldn't block the vent, like every...
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    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Low mileage Wagner intercooler, hoses included. This appears to be one of the best performing ICs for our platform, it's massive. Logs can be found in the performance thread, but IATs are as close to ambient as any other. We're learning more and more about...
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    COBB Log Comparison Thread

    Hey guys, so now that the Cobb AP is starting to get a bit more attention, and seeing how incredibly simple it is to get high quality logs out of the unit, I figured it would be a good idea to start putting them together in one place rather than hijacking other threads. Please include your...
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    Spoiler install

    So for those of you that have installed rear spoilers, what have you used to affix it? I have an Oettinger that came with double sided 3M tape, but I'm considering using something like windshield adhesive. However, I'd like this to be a reversible mod, and using windshield adhesive may preclude...
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    WTB Intercooler upgrade

    Looking for an aftermarket intercooler for a GTI, not interested in Golf R IC. Cash ready to go.
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    P3cars VIDI gauge -red/white - $300 shipped

    As stated, P3 cars VIDI gauge in red and white, comes installed in OEM vent, $300 shipped. Pics shortly
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    FS: JB1 + Data Cable $350 shipped

    SOLD SOLD SOLD This is coming off the car later today after I found out I've been whipping around on APR stage I in addition to the JB1 for the last 8 months. Revision 1 unit w/data cable. Can get it in the mail by the next day. s PM me edit// Case sale pending, JB1 and data cable still...
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    FS: Austins w/stock Pirelli's

    I have 4 Austins, 8/10 condition, will post pictures on request. They are on stock Pirellis, 2 of which have less than 3k miles, the other two have about 20k on them. Local sale greatly preferred, willing to do a bit of driving to meet, SE Michigan. Looking to get 700 for the set, or 225 for the...
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    Tire Damage

    Curbed my driver rear tire/wheel the other day. Took a nice chunk out of the sidewall. Does this damage require replacement? Seems to be about 1/8" deep.
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    FS: Injen Intake $150

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    Flash/Speed Limiter Question

    So I got my GTI last November with roughly 20,000 miles on the clock. According to the dealership, original owner took great care of it, never took it over 4k rpm, yadda yadda, normal used car stuff. From the start, I had a feeling they might not have been completely accurate. A few little...
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    ** The Official Beer Thread **

    Thanks man! I now have competing budgets, beer vs car
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    ** The Official Beer Thread **

    Dug into some Backwoods Bastard last night and decided to grab some of the highlights of my current "cellar": BCBS 2012-15 BCCS 2014 BCBW 2014 Backwoods Bastard 2013-2015 KBS 2013-15 Bell's 30th Anny. Black Note 2014 Expo Stout 2013-15 Third Coast Old ale 2013-15 Definitely way heavy on the...
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    ** The Official Beer Thread **

    Loved Xocoveza. Somehow didn't manage to try any of the Project Pam, I've been pretty underwhelmed with the backstage series over the last couple years so it wasn't too high on my radar, I hear it was very good though.
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    ** The Official Beer Thread **

    I'm about to bring this thread some heat over the next few days. First up KBS, bout two weeks or so past a year old. Coffee/espresso bitterness tends to fade after a year, but this isn't quite long enough for some of the more subtle flavors to really shine. After ~2 years much more comes out...
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    What is your occupation?

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    What is your occupation?

    Former astrophysicist now I own a bar/restaurant.
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    Halogen Bulb Replacement

    So I picked up some Osram Nightbreaker H7 bulbs to replace my OEM low beams, but I have human sized hands and thus, am having difficulty getting into the headlight housing to replace the bulbs. Anyone have any tips on getting in there? Do I need to remove some hardware or is there a trick I'm...
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    What car does your partner drive?

    2010 Accord Hybrid. It's....well, it's a car. Only gets marginally better fuel economy out of its V6 than my Mk7