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    New possible swap!!

    You literally offered just one piece of obvious advice. Why so quick to ignore?
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    2016 Autobahn Sluggish

    LOL woops, technically I live far away so the echo time makes sense...
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    2016 Autobahn Sluggish

    valve build up?
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    Garages of picture thread

    bump for more pics of members' garages
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    Garages of picture thread

    I like your wife's AR. The rotary rims are a really nice OEM option! Gotta love black sport wagons! As for my AR - For now I have tuned it as far as I'll take it until it's warranty is up (2026). Now it has 034 springs and rear sway bar. JB4 piggyback. CTS intake. Superspeed 19" wheels...
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    Garages of picture thread

    **somehow my previous post got deleted... here it is again** Sup folks? Its been a while since I've posted in this forum. Mostly because I have moved on from my GTI (to an Allroad). I recently finished my garage, so I thought I would circle back and show you all. What I did: new lights, fans...
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    Garages of picture thread

    Bump - show us your garages!
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    They were still pretty grippy for me between 5 and 10 'C
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    Where are you guys buying your little cosmetics?

    best to search the site first:
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    +1 for ST Suspension. Had on my 2018 GTI for 3 years. Great for a daily driver looking for improved handling/lowering/comfort/good quality. (Just sold the GTI)
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    Custom logo for the Golf GTI

    I think the easiest way will be to have someone create a digital image, then get it printed on a vinyl sticker. Drawing looks good!
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    No, you would just become instantly bedazzled.
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    WTB: Garage Vary Reife Rear Roof Spoiler

    That is a very nice looking spoiler, but you don't want it. Obviously it weighs like 500lbs because it is made of solid gold - or at least the price tells us that. Jokes aside - it better come paint matched and fit perfectly at that price.
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    Pre-owned JB4 vs New

    That is a great deal. Electronics like a JB4 or a Neuspeed Power Module should last the life time of a vehicle without issue... That is, unless you drive through the eye of a tornado, or use your car as a submarine.
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    FindWay floor matts for MK7+ GTI/Golf/R

    Sold. Mods please delete.
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    Raceseng Sphereoligy knob mk7+ 6spd

    Sold. Mods please delete.