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    Need vehicle battery replacement recommendation

    So on another note I drive a 2019 gti manual and asked about swapping the battery at my somewhat local dealer just as an FYI due to the age. I was quoted around 350 for a battery and associated coding. I laughed. Got my free oil change and rolled out. I’ll swap out the same battery and call...
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    Poll: What year of MK 7–7.5 is your favorite, and why?

    It’s widely known that you can safely run 5W40 oil in any mk7. The platform supports a wide range of oil viscosity and many run variations. Not sure about the MK8 though. I believe the 7.5 SE trim provides the perfect balance for a budget sport hatch. When my sunroof starts leaking I’ll be...
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    Has anyone tinted their sunroof and had it crack?

    I had mine tinted as factory wasn’t good enough for my taste. My head no longer burns in the summer. My tint guy said nothing against tinting sunroof and he’s arguably one of the best in my area.
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    Considering selling my car…

    I’ve considered this as well but something else to consider is the interest rate. I got a zero percent interest loan which can amount to thousands saved over the life of a loan at a much higher rate. No way anyone is getting that rate now. I could get all my money back but wouldn’t be able to...
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    The definitive dashcam thread

    Interested to see your setup as I love this dash cam option.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Sunglasses holder? Please elaborate as I’d love it if it actually fit a decent pair of sunglasses. Recall? TSB?
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    Consumer Reports Used Cars to Avoid

    Oh I don’t know… about it’s been the top selling, most reliable midsize pickup for a decade or more.
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    Consumer Reports Used Cars to Avoid

    They also consistently rate the Toyota Tacoma as one of the worst vehicles which is absolutely laughable. Yeah, ignore them.
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    Coin slot cover insert

    I’m down as well.
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    PPF, Ceramic, both?

    I went with PPF first because of all the people talking about how the front gets torn to shit on these (and most) cars. I use turtle wax ceramic monthly. Nice car!
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Where did you purchase the sill guards?
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    Can anybodt shift this @#*! thing smoothly?

    Just had the shop dap short shifter installed and that helped the manual driving experience incredibly. Otherwise, I’d agree that the GTI responds better when slightly riding the clutch between 1st and 2nd gear IMO. Key word being slightly.
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    Thinking about trading 2017 Civic Si for new GTI

    I can’t speak to the civic manual but I did drive and Accord 2.0 turbo manual and it was straight garbage. My GTI manual smokes it by a long shot IMO. Life is short to be unhappy. Good luck
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    Your Mk7 year/mileage

    2019 3500 miles.
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    Need some advice from the GTI community

    I’m 45 and bought my first GTI last summer. A 2019 white SE manual. I love it and it’s still bone stock. Buy it and don’t look back. Let the haters continue to be haters in the slow lane.
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    Winter is coming, tips and tricks to help fend of rust? What do you guys do.

    I fluid film my truck every fall but as for the GTI, that won’t leave the driveway in bad weather. I suggest getting a beater and driving that when salt is anywhere within eyesight.