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    Parasitic battery drain - golf mk7

    Hi, What is the expected current draw on a battery when the vehicle is off (it's been standing off overnight)? I set my multimeter to 10a and connected it in series with the negative post on the battery and I am seeing a reading of 02.82A (amp setting) and also 02.82ma (ma setting) That can't...
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    Water leaking into boot from air flaps, grommet purpose

    Thanks KyaCrash :) I resealed them last night, I also sealed around the fuel inlet (another place it can leak apparently) Hopefully I won't see any more water in this area.
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    Water leaking into boot from air flaps, grommet purpose

    Hi, Does anyone know what the grommet does that sits on the chassis below the air flaps? I have sealed my flaps up with silicone but I am still experiencing a leak on one side (the fuel cap side). Anyway I was poking around below the flap and pushed the grommet out and all the water drained...
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    Mk7 Aftermarket (GTI / GTD) style LED DRL headlight dimming issue

    Hi all! In my quest to polish a turd I bought some GTI style LED headlights for ma shitwagon (golf mk7 match). I knew I should have bought the GTD or GTI but that's another story! Anyway they look great and the DRL 'hoops' light up perfectly, the issue is that when the low beam is switched on...
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    What alloys wheel sizes will fit a 1.6tdi Match/SE chassis

    Hi All, Im dropping the car by 40mm soon so I will no longer the rocking standard suspension.....bear this in mind. I want to buy some new alloys (pref 18", 8.5j, ET45). Can anyone advise if this will be ok? According to WILLTHEYFIT.COM - Compared to your existing wheel, this new wheel will...
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    Hi, I'm in the process of converting a MK7 match into a replica GTI. Does anyone know the part numbers for the following?: 1. REAR HATCH SPOILER 2. REAR HATCH VERTICAL SPOILERS VW are being less than helpful because apparently these parts are not approved for my car! :rolleyes: THANKS IN...
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    Axle weights - VW blood stone!!

    Hi, Does anyone know the front and rear axle weight of a mk7 golf match 1.6tdi DSG? I need to know so I can get the correct uprated springs! Trying to get this info from VW is like trying to get blood out of a stone! Thanks In advance, Rick
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    GOLF SE/MATCH rear hatch spoiler trims

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can buy rear hatch spoiler trims for the SE/MATCH variants to make it look like a GTI/GTD? It seems they are available for the estate - Any advice would be highly appreciated!! Cheers, Rick:)
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    Hi, Does anyone know if OFF ROAD DISPLAY can be enabled on a MK7 Match? I think it possibly only for MK7.5 + but asking nonetheless. Thanks, Rick
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    Mk7 Grille compatability

    VW GOLF MK7 MATCH BLUEMOTION TECH 1.6 TDI Hi, Does anyone know what grilles from higher spec golfs will fit my car? I want to fit either a 2012-2016 BLUEMOTION golf grille or GTD/GTI grille to my car. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Rick