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    Vorsteiner VFF-103 Carbon Graphite

    Vorsteiner VFF-103 Carbon Graphite- SOLD I have a like new set of 19x8.5 carbon graphite Vorsteiners. They were on the car a month and in original box. They are brand new condition. I can't get pics to load on here due to file size. If you send me an email I can send you pics if interested...
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    JB1 New Condition $325 Free Shipping

    JB1 New Condition $300 Free Shipping I have a JB1 i used about a month and then sold car. Its about 1.5 yrs old or so but most of its life has been spent sitting on shelf in my garage. First $300 takes it. I will ship for free...
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    Anyone from Pittsburgh here. Have seen a few R's in the area.
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    New Vorsteiner V FF-103 on LST

    Just put these on today!
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    19 inch Cadiz New Condition (No Tires)

    Pics added. Selling my 19 inch Cadiz wheels, tires not included. Wheels have less than 3000 miles on them and are perfect. Price All 4 = $1200 and that price includes shipping, If you can pic them up you can take for $1000 If you want me to break up the set I will sale individually for $375...
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    19" Cadiz Without Tires

    These are in new condition. 3000 miles on the wheels and not a mark. Here is a pic of each side and closeups available upon request. Price is $1200 for all four or $375 a piece plus shipping. They are $750 each from the dealer.
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    Winter Tire Question- Need Advice

    Does anyone know about tires? I bought a set of 18inch VMR710's to put on for winter and I can get an almost new set of Michelin X-ICE 225/40r18 for a great price. My question is that the R has a recommended winter tire speed rating of a Y ( i believe this is 149mph) and the X-ICE has a H...
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    R vs Gti

    An older article but this pretty much sums it up for anyone considering a gti over the R. R kills it plain and simple.
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    Soundaktor Removal

    I was so hesitant to do this as I figured if VW put it there it must be there for a reason. All that i can say after removal is WOW. Why would the engineers ever have allowed that piece of crap. The engine sounds amazing without out it. I was thinking there would be no noise but soooo not true...
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    Launch Control

    May be a really dumb question and I tried to use the search function. How do you do launch control. From what I have seen you just put the car in race mode, turn off traction and then put in sport then you should be able to put foot on brake, gas to build up rpm and that's it. That doesn't...
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    My New R! Link to Pics

    Here it is, my new R freshly detailed! I tried to capture how awesome the limestone grey is and how it changes color in different lighting.
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    Uploading Pics

    All, I looked in the FAQ and I understand how simple it should be to upload pics but its only allowing me to upload a very small file size. How are all you guys uploading high quality full resolution pics. Please help!
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    Coming from an 2013 MK6

    Looking to pull the trigger on a 2015 golf r or GTI with PP. I test drove a GTI with PP and while i really liked it, I felt some aspects of my 2013 Drivers Edition GTI were a little bit higher quality. I do have to say the performance and torque on the 2015 are amazing, but in stop and go...
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    US MK7 Reliability & Quality

    I know that the car has only been out for a few months in the US but can anyone speak to reliability yet. I assume some of you had a chance to rack up a few miles by now. Also, how do you perceive the quality. I have to say I test drove the care yesterday and I am ready to trade in my 2013...
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    What Color R Are You Getting (US Colors)

    What color R are you getting when US preorders start
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    Favorite Color MK7 US Version

    What's your favorite color
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    Advice needed

    Hello Forum Friends, I wasn't thinking about getting an MK7 but I got a deal in writing from a dealer for the following. A 2015 reflex silver dsg autobahn that stickers for $32,900 for $28,900 out the door. I am trading in a 2013 DSG drivers edition with 4500 miles and they are giving me...