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    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    Looking for OEM 18" Pretoria. Willing to trade my OEM 19” Gloss Black Pretoria w/ stock Continental ContSportContact 235/35/19 tires with roughly 8/32 tires left. The wheels are in excellent condition with a very, tiny blemish on one wheel. No bent wheels and properly balanced.
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    Soundaktor firmware updates are now possible :-)

    Definitely following this. I love the Jetson pumped in audio space theme sound effect. Lol.
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    South America
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    m7.5 SE vs S

    I went with the SE simply because I simply do not like the plaid cloth seats. Period.
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    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

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    My 2019 GTI SE w/DSG dips in RPM (~300-400rpm) when coming to a stop.

    Currently about 17K miles. Engine is completely stock. Auto start/stop is disabled. When coming to a complete stop, I noticed the RPMs dip lower than it normally does for a split second. You can kinda feel the car sounds like it's gonna die, but it doesn't. This only started happening...
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    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights not working properly

    I had no idea the OEM 7.5 tails fit the mk7. I thought they were not interchangeable. If they fit, then does that mean mk7 euro tails fit the NAR mk7.5 tails?
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    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights not working properly

    Did u ever code the 3rd (center) brake lights to come on when your hazard lights are turned on? Or did u ever code that 3rd brake light to come on when you pop open your hatch? That could be it.
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    Modifications you Should Buy or Do

    Completely stock where aside from ps4s tires. In your opinion, what mod would you go with first if you had to do it all over again?
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    Front 7.5 R LEDs

    what does it look like with the LED strips OFF?
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    Dynamic Road Sign Display activated

    Can this be done on obd11? My 2019 GTI se NAR don't have a front camera tho.
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    Is Yosemite actually opened? I also want a breath of fresh air. Being stuck at home isn't fun. Not trying to go do day hikes up waterfalls or anything. Just want to walk a scenic route here and there- avoid gatherings and crowds. Are there areas where parking zones are blocked/locked off?
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    FS: Magnetic pop in sunshades 4 doors

    These are not the pop in Sunshades with the clips. They are the magnetic ones.
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    Ibbs' 2019 Oryx White Golf R

    I'll take those rims of you're in California. My 2019 gti stock wheels aren't that pretty looking.
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    buying GTI

    Just be weary of the warranty and not to void it with modifications. I've heard of someone lowering their car and a few weeks later, his sunroof exploded (common problem apparently). But they denied his warranty for that repair and stated that the stiffer suspension induced excessive rattling...
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    buying GTI

    Get a 2019 dsg. Enough said. Best warranty, 7 spd vs 6 (2018). And leather. It'll be hot in the summer, but cloth is hard to clean (unless he absolutely need that plaid seat designs). I'm grown up so those look, kinda, well the you get 20's in me would buy.
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    Gen 1 Valentine 1

    he will definitely get more money if you sell it on Craigslist. And spend the money to buy the new V2.
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    Hi Zero815. I send you a message via PM. Also wanted to get in touch with you regarding...

    Hi Zero815. I send you a message via PM. Also wanted to get in touch with you regarding purchasing a harness for the euro dynamic tail lights for my NAR 2019 GTI SE. Hope to hear from you soon :) Thanks!