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  1. sterkrazzy

    Eurotripper 7 - Fort Myers, FL - Feb 8, 2020 Anyone else gonna be there?
  2. sterkrazzy

    Split Spoke/"Tuning fork" Wheels, Looking for more options

    Alright bear with me here and my thoughts. So I've been looking at a bunch of wheels and I guess I've kinda fallen into a specific style. There's some I've found that I like, but there's usually something that kinda throws it off. Like I've been seeing a decent number of wheels that are 8.5"...
  3. sterkrazzy

    Would I have any problems replacing only 3 tires and having 1 slightly used tire?

    I've got the wheels and tires I had from my old GTI and I'm just kinda teasing the idea of putting them on my R. I know 3 of the tires are right at the wear line that says replace it, but 1 of the tires was replaced earlier this year. It was a rear tire and it probably has somewhere around 3500...
  4. sterkrazzy

    Official Oryx White Pearl Golf R Thread

    I've looked for this thread a couple times and I don't think it exists. Now it does. Here is my incredibly stock 2018. Show me what you got. I even have proof of the pearl!
  5. sterkrazzy

    Is there something blipping the gas when the clutch grabs?

    Just got my R last weekend and this is something I noticed a few days ago. Letting off the clutch, even in neutral (only sometimes?) the rpms will jump to just a little over 1k right about the time when it'd reach the grab point. Is there a way to turn this off? I feel like it's just getting in...
  6. sterkrazzy

    Just another new buyer thread

    Didn't think I'd get into one so soon! It's a 2018 with 6.6k miles
  7. sterkrazzy

    Anybody that normally buys manuals switch to the 7 speed dsg for the R?

    I guess I'm just trying to validate my thoughts. I've had 2 GTIs over 12 years and both of them were manuals. Now I'm thinking I need an R, and that was a pretty easy decision to make. I'm stuck on this whole dsg or manual thing though. I'd hate to buy the car I've drooled over for so long just...
  8. sterkrazzy

    First episode of Grand Tour is up a day early

  9. sterkrazzy

    VW = The North Korea of the Auto Industry I found this and thought it was kinda funny. Any truth to it?
  10. sterkrazzy

    Assembly robot grabbed a man and crushed him at Volkswagen They've already began to turn on us.