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  1. Fastlax16

    FS. 2016 R Manual $28k

    Selling my 2016 R Manual. Base trim. 36,500 miles. Car has been returned to stock with the exception of RSR clutch and DG short shifter. Front brakes were replaced 2500 miles ago. Stoptech slotted rotors with endless pads. Car will come with Denver winter set as well as the stock cadiz (18...
  2. Fastlax16

    WTB: is38

    Putting my R back to stock and need an is38. Anyone selling? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Fastlax16

    Golf R vs Civic Type-R (and a few others) Half Mile

    Had a couple of runs against a similarly modded type-r today at a half mile event. Also ran: 370Z, GT350, 04 ST, Jeep SRT, 135i probably a few others I forgot? It was 90-95 degrees all day and the car was heat soaking pretty bad. More footage coming. civic second race...
  4. Fastlax16

    Manual vs DSG R/civic si/STI/Camaro v6

    A few videos from yesterday. Nothing too exciting, but stock STIs are sloooooww. HsPhXtpLu4U 8VfzUju_u5g F5UTAWuq1dI 3J-ckXVloc8
  5. Fastlax16

    JB4 Golf R Vs Focus RS and more

    Manual 2016 R with JB4 DP/IC/Intake/RSR Clutch Focus RS Dig 1IkNVqdc0d0 APR Stage 2 MK6R- Roll k3JQ4yIl2ak 5th Gen Camaro SS- Roll x1HIJxYjHoU APR Stage 2 DSG MK7R- Roll DkftHmsExko SRT4 from hell- Dig w5Q8lXtabD8 Supercharged Charger RT- Roll ZLRKp-aSAio Stock...
  6. Fastlax16

    Half Mile vs mr/m3/gt40/s4/more

    Some results from my latest half mile outing. Some wins. Lots of losses. JB4 Manual with dp/intake/intercooler/ss/rse10 wheels CRY4HoxqwZU M9n7LdmiNQM IFX3ydTVK5A EMH_77Dlyg4 PgvfzEomtHM UHCVmGvVfDI _pxxpr_sPHc tqtrDRMZnuo yTF91MwRYmc
  7. Fastlax16

    DSG vs Manual R. Half Mile

    Black Car (6mt): JB1-Revo DP-APR Intake-Unitronic IC-APR Short Shift Silver Car (DSG) UM Red File- Powervalve DP, APR Intake, Wagner IC First 40 Roll (JB1 was set to map 1 5.2)- Camera Car is the Manual 5XPxmXjGdyQ Second 40 Roll (JB1 was set to map 1 5.0)- Camera Car is the DSG 1vMikL00W8M...
  8. Fastlax16

    JB1 with Meth

    Anyone using the JB1 with Methanol? If so what does your setup look like? Looks like Burger only offers meth kits for the BMWs? George? Bueller? Bueller?
  9. Fastlax16

    Cloth/Alcantara Seat covers

    Can anyone confirm these are the part numbers for the Golf R Cloth Seat covers? Bottom- 5G0 881 405 DPCMS titanium black/crystal grey Backrest- Left - 5G4 881 805 DKCMS titanium black/crystal grey Right- 5G4 881 806 DMCMS titanium black/crystal grey Headrest- 5G0881903J CAU titanium...
  10. Fastlax16

    UK VW Parts Catalog

    Looking for some help from across the pond. Does VW UK have a website equivalent to this US website? I'm specifically trying to track down the part numbers...
  11. Fastlax16

    2017 R Getting Pretorias "Golf R New driver assistance features added to topline Golf R w/ DCC and Nav Driver Assistance Package for top trim adds Light Assist high-beam control The Golf R w/ DCC and Nav gets a number of new features for 2017: Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous...
  12. Fastlax16

    Silver Trim Paint Code

    Anyone know the paint code for the silver trim on the grill/ the european mirror caps?
  13. Fastlax16

    Mike's dbp r

    Mostly doing this to give myself a way of tracking my cars evolution. The night I picked it up. First changes were black emblems and tow hook plate mount. Followed by 20% tint Then apr intake and ss. Then neuspeed rse10s First track event. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Fastlax16

    Forge Intercooler

    Anyone know what the volume on it is? I've searched a bunch and can't find the dimensions anywhere.
  15. Fastlax16

    Second to third squeaking

    My car has had the apr short shifter installed and ever since it went in there's been this sort of strange squeak/grind noise when I shift from second to third at the redline intermittently. It's not a grind like grinding a gear but not sure how else to describe it. Sounds like it's coming...
  16. Fastlax16

    Jb1 R vs half mile

    Running in a half mile event next Sunday. Partial participant list just went up. I like my odds in a lot of these match ups... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Fastlax16

    Scuffed bumper

    Someone backed into me and left some nice marks in my front bumper. Can this be buffed or polished out? Never had to try this on a car previously so any advice is appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk