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  1. anotero

    Refilling The Cooling System

    Has anyone drained and refilled the cooling system in the cozy setting of their own garage? What special tools are required to pull all the air out to prevent a subsequent air lock? Can any of the said tools be rented from AutoZone and the like?
  2. anotero

    LCA Bushing Lifespan

    What's a resonable lifespan for lower control bushings in our cars? How does a dry, hot climate affect them? What's the approximate mileage they absolutely should be changed at? (I know the last question sounds a bit ridiculous with its "approximate" and "absolute", but there's no better way to...
  3. anotero

    Indy 500 Sidewall Stiffness

    Since I'm seriously contemplating Indy 500 for my next set of tires, I am interested in how stiff the sidewall is. Below are photos depicting the sidewall distortion of the MPS A/S 3+ tires I currently run. Is the Indy sidewall more or less prone to distortion compared to the MPS A/S in the...
  4. anotero

    FS: Aspherical Mirrors

    I have a set of brand new aspherical mirrors I took off my power folding mirrors before installing them. I just use the aspherical mirrors I purchased long before getting the power folding mirrors. The mirrors are non-BMS. The driver side has the dotted line, the passenger one does not. Selling...
  5. anotero

    Strut Tower Brace -- Opinions, Reviews?

    Looking at this one: Does anyone run a brace in general and have anything positive to say? Or are these a waste of money for an aggressively driven DD that sees some canyon runs?
  6. anotero

    Vanity Mirror and Rear Cabin Lights not Working

    Neither the vanity mirror lights nor the rear cabin lights work. I tried sliding the mirror covers, as well as manually turning rear cabin lights on and off. They also don't come on when the doors are open. I ran a scan and found no codes. They all just stopped working all of a sudden. Perhaps a...
  7. anotero

    Pendulum Mount with Dogbone Insert -- Yay or Nay?

    For robustness sake, should dogbone inserts be paired with an upgraded pendulum arms?
  8. anotero

    Learning Korean

    Can anyone recommend a good textbook to learn Korean? Beginner level.
  9. anotero

    Turbo Blanket Smoke and Stench

    Installed a Forge turbo blanket today. How long until it stops smoking and the stench goes away?
  10. anotero

    Aftermarket Throttle Pipe?

    Is it worth getting this? I have a very reserved take on all aftermarket piping. It's just a pipe, right? Or should I get one?
  11. anotero

    Fuel Injector Cleaners

    Doing an oil change soon, would like to clean fuel injectors as well. Please recommend a good injector cleaner. TIA PS I searched, but did not find a dedicated thread.
  12. anotero

    Alarm Sensor Retrofit

    Has anyone tried retrofitting the alarm sensor into their mk7? I took the roof console apart out of curiosity and discovered that my GTI is not equipped with an alarm system. I'm curious to learn if it can be installed.
  13. anotero

    Lowered Alignment Spec Recommendations

    Going in for an alignment this Friday. I'm lowered 1"-1.5". Should I go with stock alignment specs or ask for something else? If the latter, what specs? Alignment to be done at a dealership. Car used for dd, spirited driving, and canyon runs.
  14. anotero

    YOHB? Hello Panda

    Looks good. What springs are you on? :)
  15. anotero

    PSA: Aftermarket DSG Steering Wheels and Wheel Trim Removal/Installation

    DSG cars have paddles (of course). The paddle trim slides into the poly that wraps around the metal wheel core. However, the said trim is also fastened to the wheel with a single screw. To avoid breaking the paddle trim, remove the brushed aluminum trim first, exposing the paddle trim screws...
  16. anotero

    Updated Ed's Reps?

    Has anyone purchased Ed's reps (non-facelift mk7) recently? I got mine today and noticed what looks like a ballast and a canbus canceller boxes underneath both lights. Looks like they are for the Uu's. I don't remember having those on the earlier set I currently have. Do any of you have those...
  17. anotero

    HID Kit Comparison -- for Replicas

    Mine are getting dimmer, looking to replace. What are some good kits that can be used with Ed's reps?
  18. anotero

    SOLD. Feeler: Ed's mk7 Replicas -- Uu uU

    SOLD I have a set of Ed's mk7 GTI replicas (with red stripe). Got them from a fellow forumer. Had them for about 25k miles, had Lamin-X clear film installed a couple of days after installation. No stress cracks. There is a fly in the driver's side one, hasn't paid me a single penny for driving...
  19. anotero

    FS: 10mm/20mm Wheel Spacers

    I have a set of Modded Euros wheels spacers that I ran for about 100 mi before I decided to get new wheels. The set is a pair of 10mm and a pair of 20mm. All ball seat bolts of appropriate lengths are included (37mm and 47mm). I can also include some anti seize with the spacers. Retails for...
  20. anotero

    Filler Foam for Dents

    I have a dent in the passenger side rocker panel. Instead of getting Oettinger style sideskirts to cover it, I want to explore the option of using a foam that I can fill the dent with. Has anyone ever used this approach? Any recommendations are appreciated.