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  1. Mikeyd1

    Body clip is split. Impossible to remove without removing bumper

    Hi guys looking for advice, I was fitting my wheels and on the rear I notice my arch liner wasn’t aligned properly so I undid a few of the torx screws the while looking up in the wheel well I notice the clip what is on the body where the screw comes from the bumper to the body it has a slight...
  2. Mikeyd1

    2018 dsg reliability

    Hi guys. I’ve been looking to get a 2018 1.4 tsi, dsg. But I keep reading all these horror story’s about the gearbox. I know it will have 18 month warranty on it but what are these like for reliability. Thanks in advance
  3. Mikeyd1

    New rims

    Got new rims today
  4. Mikeyd1

    Anyone know where to get this red touch up paint from

    Small rash. For the life of me I can't find the right colour touch up paint. Any help will be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance
  5. Mikeyd1

    Thoughts on these alloys

    Just bought these
  6. Mikeyd1

    Big gap/ hole in rear valence on mk7.5 1.4 tsi

    I was under my car today and noticed a big hole in rear bumper valence.its proberly for toe hitch or somethink but for fs vw cheaping out on puting a cover on
  7. Mikeyd1

    Nogaro or Seville alloys I wanna buy

    Does anyone know where I can get a mint set of nogaro or Seville alloys. If anyone comes across a nice set could u please let me know.thanks
  8. Mikeyd1

    Parking brake when off by itself

    I started the car up this morning as I took my foot of the clutch my parking brake disengaged without me touching gas or brake lucky I heard it disingaging or could of been a accident
  9. Mikeyd1

    New car clutch noise??maybe

    So I picked my car in March and at about 200 miles I noticed first thing in the morning when selecting reverse when I bring up clutch to biting point I can here a slight knocking what disappears after a couple of seconds and then I can't replicate untill the next day. The car makes no noise...
  10. Mikeyd1

    Karlskoga alloys like rocking horse sh*t

    I just can't get hold of a set of karlskoga alloys searched ebay and just one set without tyres from Germany. Somebody must know where I can get a set from
  11. Mikeyd1

    Has anyone changed a inner door seal before

    Hi guys. Well I've noticed on my car there is some wear marks on my front drivers door seal left by the previous owner. I know I theory if i wanted to change the seal it should be simple but it's unclipping all the panels around it I'm not to sure about has anyone changed one before. Thanks
  12. Mikeyd1

    Singapore's alloys for sale

    I'm selling my Singapore's mint condition. Looking for 850 or closes offer or I may part ex for a mint set of dovers and cash
  13. Mikeyd1

    Anyone know this car CK66ZNU

    Anyone know this car Cl66ysr I'm about to buy this car. It looks very well maintained. I just wanted to see if It use to belong to anyone on here. Thanks
  14. Mikeyd1

    Paint defect/bubble/

    Hi guys can stone explains this. I went to get my car moped and detailed today as my guy was looking around the car he noticed this paint defects on my drivers side door sill/door shut.he said this might just a bit of crap under the paint. What you guys think? I've read about zinc blister and...
  15. Mikeyd1

    Multiple misfires

    Hi guys.i picked up a 2016 vw golf 1.4 tsi 125 about a week ago and today I had error stop start come on the screen and engine management light flash. Then it went off by itself within a minute. Well I scanned it with obdeleven and got p0303 random Miss fire detected cylinder 1, then in a...
  16. Mikeyd1

    Merry christmas

    Just a quick one to say happy Christmas to everyone
  17. Mikeyd1

    Quick question about paint chips inside car

    Recently had a small dent on my roof I got it sorted but had to lower headliner.the metal retaining clips what hold the sunviser in to the body are a nightmare and when u push them back in they sort of scrape/chip where they clip back in to metal body. My concern is will this ever be a problem...
  18. Mikeyd1

    Please someone tell me how to remove the sunviser.

    Hi guys I need to remove my sunviser but for the life of me I can't get the metal clips out .i even bought the so called vag special tool. Which is just a small pair of plyers which don't work at all. All suggestions and tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  19. Mikeyd1

    Quick heads up. tail light rubbing paint CHECK YOURs

    Alright guys cleaning my car today and noticed very slight paint rub where the inner tail edge was rubbing paint. It was hard to spot so look cafefully.I sorted it by realign light and touched in the area with paint. So get out and CHECK better be safe than sorry
  20. Mikeyd1

    Mk7 golf r led tail lights

    Hi guys I am getting brand new genuine golf r led tail lights fitted tomorrow but I actually prefer the look of the gti led tail lights so if anyone would like to do a strait swap let me know and were meet up and swap them out