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  1. Shane_Anigans

    2019 GTI Incentive Programs 1/7/20-3/2/20 (Updated 1/17/20)

    Cliff Notes: Cash is up, rates are down vs December. MY20 GTI has no incentives at this time. Current incentives good through 3/2/20 unless VW updates them early. UPDATE: Dealers in CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, OH and MI receive additional $500 on all 2019 GTI (excluding Rabbit...
  2. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives December 2019

    12/3/19-01/06/20: (If this looks identical to November's, that's because it's literally identical and I just changed the title) Updates in bold text. Dealer 1st Choice has been removed, Dealer 2nd Choice is now simply "Dealer's Choice." Dealer cash (Bank financing, VCI standard, cash...
  3. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives Updated 10/1/19

    Updates in bold text. Dealer cash (Bank financing, VCI standard, cash purchases): $2500 OR VCI Special APR: 1.9%/60mo, 3.4%/72mo, 3.9%/75mo, $1000 VCI Dealer Bonus Dealer 1st Choice: Special APR +1% (all terms), $1500 dealer bonus Dealer 2nd Choice: Special APR +2% (all terms), $2000...
  4. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives 7/9/19 - 9/3/19

    GTI Incentives 9/4/19-10/31/19 Update: All retail programs carried over from July/August, only the VCI Lease money factor and residual values have changed (bold text): Dealer cash (Bank financing, VCI standard, cash purchases): $2000 OR VCI Special APR: 1/9%/60mo, 3.4%/72mo, 3.9%/75mo...
  5. Shane_Anigans

    Weekend sale at DT/DT Direct

    Just received an email regarding their holiday sale, 6/28-6/30. 10% back (Visa prepaid, Mail-in Rebate) on wheels/tires/installation, 15% if you use your DT credit card.
  6. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives May-June 2019

    GTI Incentives May 2019 Update: All VW incentives (except Sign & Drive and Atlas Memorial Day Cash) have been extended through 7/8/19. May GTI Incentives 5/1-7/1. No further incentives on 2018 VW models as of 5/1. Dealer cash (Bank financing, VCI standard, cash purchases): $2000 OR VCI...
  7. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives 3/1/19-4/30/19

    Update: Volkswagen's incentive programs on all 2018 vehicles end on 4/30. 2018 GTI: $3500 Dealer cash only. Special APR and Lease programs are gone. On 5/1, remaining 2018 inventory will be final-paid, roughly 20% less than current dealer cash. Dealers will want to sell all remaining 2018...
  8. Shane_Anigans

    Updated GTI Incentives 2/1/19-2/28/19

    Also posted in the existing thread, but just in case: UPDATE 2/1/19: Dealer Cash increased by $1000 on 18/19 GTI 2018 GTI: Dealer Cash: $3000 (VCI STD APR, bank/CU financing, cash purchase) Special APR: 1.9%/60mo 2.9%/72mo 3.4%/75mo + $1000 APR Dealer Bonus Dealer 1st Choice: +1% to...
  9. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives 1/9/19-2/28/19

    UPDATED: GTI Incentives 2/1/19-2/28/19 UPDATE 2/1/19: Dealer Cash increased by $1000 on 18/19 GTI 2018 GTI: Dealer Cash: $3000 (VCI STD APR, bank/CU financing, cash purchase) OR Special APR: 1.9%/60mo 2.9%/72mo 3.4%/75mo + $1000 APR Dealer Bonus Dealer 1st Choice: +1% to Special APR...
  10. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives 1/9/19

    January-February Incentives are posted:
  11. Shane_Anigans

    2019 GTI on sale today (12/11/2019)

    Just received the updated Volkswagen Credit Residual Values, which now includes the 2019 GTI. So, they should be available at your local dealers soon/already.
  12. Shane_Anigans

    Helix Soundbox on sale today only (11/26/18)

    Email from VW, 20% off all accessories today only, bringing the price of the Soundbox down to $455.24 (so actually 24% off for this), plus 15% of purchase price back via MIR, bringing the final price down to $386.95. Too good to pass up?
  13. Shane_Anigans

    Winter Tires: Continental or Hankook?

    With Discount Tire's Black Friday special, I'm thinking now's a good time to replace my current winter tires with ones that are the correct size and have more tread on them. Because I'm rarely (if ever) required to go into the office when the weather's bad, maximum snow traction is less...
  14. Shane_Anigans

    GTI November Incentives 11/1/18

    All VW/VCI Incentives are valid 11/1/18-1/2/19: 2018 GTI: Dealer Cash: $2000 (Cash, Bank/CU financing or VCI Std APR only) Special APR: 1.9%/60mo, 2.9%/72mo, 3.4%/84mo, $1000 VCI APR Dealer Bonus Cash Dealers 1st choice: +1% to Special APR, $1500 VCI APR Dealer Bonus Cash Dealers 2nd...
  15. Shane_Anigans

    GTI October Incentives 10/2-10/31

    Sorry for the delay, it's been rather busy at work this week. Dealer Cash: $2000 Special APR 60/72/75: 1.9%/3.49%/3.99% w/ $2000 APR Cash (same discount as 3rd-party financing using dealer cash) Dealer 1st Choice: Add 1% to special APR, add $500 to APR Cash Dealer 2nd choice: Add 2% to...
  16. Shane_Anigans

    Shameless Pitch for St Jude's Fundraiser

    So, I'm doing the local St Jude's 5K on Saturday, and my goal is to hit our team's $2000 goal on my own, because the other people in my office suck, and I enjoy winning things you're not supposed to win at, like charity. Anyway, feel free to donate if you want, any amount is appreciated; no hard...
  17. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives 9/5-10/1

    All August programs have been extended through 10/1/18. Next update will be 10/2/18. See 8/1-9/4 thread for details. As always, I will post any updates that come across. Good luck and good hunting! Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  18. Shane_Anigans

    Piloti Summer Clearance Sale - 75% off

    While I wouldn't be caught dead wearing most driving shoes in public (or even at the track - don't be that guy) it's hard to say no to $130 shoes for $32.50 with free shipping. So, I just ordered a pair of these;
  19. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives 8/1/18 - 9/4/18

    Special APR & Dealer Choice programs continue from July rates, .9/60 2.4/72 special APR, add 1% +$500 or 2% +$1000 for DC1/DC2 respectively. New cash program: $1000 Summer Sell-Down Cash (Dealer Bonus) on all 2018 GTI/Sportwagen/Alltrack models. Summary: you saved $1000 by waiting a month...
  20. Shane_Anigans

    GTI Incentives 7/10-7/31

    Changes from June incentives: $1000 dealer cash and special APR cash replaced by Summer Bonus Cash. (The cash incentive amount has not changed, it's just going to be advertised to the public this month.) 72mo APR increased by 0.5% for special APR, Dealer 1st & 2nd choice. +$500 or $1000...