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    Thinking about trading 2017 Civic Si for new GTI

    But think of all those grams you shaved off your ride by keeping it in your garage. Now that's a good free mod and dedication to performance 😁 You've at least been using the extra cargo space by dropping the hatch floor ~2" lower right?
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    Thinking about trading 2017 Civic Si for new GTI

    The cargo cover comes off and has a storage compartment for it under the hatch floor. You will be able to fit 3 hockey players and all equipment no problem with the '60' portion of the seat folded down or the '40' portion and pass through for the hockey sticks. Edit: unless all 3 of you are...
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    Thinking about trading 2017 Civic Si for new GTI

    If you're asking me, I stuck with manual in my GTI, so can't really give you a proper opinion on the DSG as I've only driven one with DSG a few times. Then again, stop and go traffic has never bothered me driving manual. From everything I've read on these forums in the numerous DSG vs Manual...
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    Thinking about trading 2017 Civic Si for new GTI

    I was a long time Honda guy and unless something drastically changes for the better with Honda, there's no way I would go back now. The GTI will pretty much solve all your dislikes you listed and then some - though seating comfort is subjective and will depend on body type. Only way to know is...
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    "replace key battery" warning even after replacing battery twice!

    I had the same problem when I put genuine (from Best Buy, so they better be) Energizer 2032 in. These are suppose to have higher capacity than the 2025 that it came with, but I got the replace battery message after less than 1 month. I've just been ignoring the message for probably close to a...
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    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Look at the signature of the guy that gave you that helpful information :)
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    is Retrofit possible for memory function into existing NAR leather power seats?

    I came across an old-ish (few months old) video of 2017 German Mk7 GTI and noticed that it has memory function for the leather power seat. Anyone of you crazy resourceful peeps out there know if it is possible to just add memory module on the...
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    So, anyone with KESSY had their car stolen yet?

    Looks like the Mk7 is on the list of vulnerable cars. Is everyone going to hide their keys in the freezer now, lol? More indepth article: