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  1. Dr.Ed

    Peeling chrome trim around shifter!
  2. Dr.Ed

    Portable tire inflators

    My Euro spec MK7 already has one..Spare tire is an option:mad:
  3. Dr.Ed

    New climate control unit - Coding

    If the first or second activation fails, please use this activation instructions. Reset activation Step 1: the car starts, blow the face [3] and ac [8] simultaneously press and hold for 10 seconds ,to activate the compressor. Step 2: Press the rear glass defrost key [16 key] and ac [8 key]...
  4. Dr.Ed

    New climate control unit - Coding

    Adapting setting :  Adapt the air flow direction (from air vent) press AC button 8 and button 3 , the indicate light will blinking ,if the setting is done , the indicate light will illumination as normal .  Adaptor air compressor Press button 8 and 16 for a few seconds , the...
  5. Dr.Ed

    New climate control unit - Coding

    Did you initialize the new CC unit?
  6. Dr.Ed

    Dog Bone on a diesel?

    Hi, Can somebody share experiences, if a (lower) dogbone (insert) is mounted on a MK7 Diesel? Is it better shifting? Is there extra noise? Thanks! Ed
  7. Dr.Ed

    Dutch R tuning

    Hardware: Forged motor and turbokit build by VAGbros Garrett G25-660 turbo Wagner intercooler custom exhaust Upgrade LPFP & HPFP 1000CC port injectors 4 bar MAP sensors Upgrade sparkplugs&coils VVT Custom engine & DSG remap 300 hp => 604 hp & 650 nm on RON102 Not my car:mad:, just the...