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  1. zcspec

    Brand New EQT Balanced Line Coilovers F/S

    ***SOLD*** ***SOLD*** I have for sale, brand new coilovers from EQT. I ordered these over the holidays and ended up receiving them several weeks later due to back order. Unfortunately, I was unable to cancel my order before they arrived. I no longer have my S3 to install them in and cannot...
  2. zcspec

    MQB Downpipe Install...Not as difficult as you think!

    It's been a while since I installed a DP on the MQB chassis, but had the chance to revert back a client's car today. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to make a DIY video and add it to my YT page. My thouhts are clear so I'd like to share with you guys some tips: - performed on a QuickJack with no...
  3. zcspec

    MQB Downpipe Install...Not as difficult as you think!

    Sorry guys, meant to post in the Golf R section.
  4. zcspec

    New VAG member...

    Hey guys, what's going on. I am a new member here with a wealth of knowledge on the MK+ platform; hope to be able to contribute to our community! Cheers!