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  1. Handguns4heaRTs

    EUROLUB Engine Oil

    I got my oil changed at my local, reputable VAG tuner shop for the first time, and was surprised to hear they use Eurolub oil. I had never heard of it before, and I can't find a lot of information about it, outside of the brand website. It looks like it's an oil only really sold in Germany...
  2. Handguns4heaRTs

    RE30 or Similar Wheels

    I am in love with Volk RE30s and the MOTec wheels on the GTI TCR racecar, and have searched, but I'm not able to find many other similar wheels. RE30s are split 7 spoke, and the MOTec TCRs are split 10 spoke. VMR makes the RS4 lookalike wheel, but it's not similar enough. Can anyone think of or...
  3. Handguns4heaRTs

    FS: JB4 with Data Cable and USB extension- SoCal

    ************SOLD********FS: JB4 with Data Cable and USB extension JB4 with Data Cable and usb extension for sale. Comes with additional JB1 board. Used for a year, <8,000 miles. Off the car. Located in Lake Forest. Local pickup preferred. $380
  4. Handguns4heaRTs

    FS: APR Resonator/Front Muffler

    SOLD- please delete
  5. Handguns4heaRTs

    PhatBotti Tuning

    Yes, terrible name. But they were just brought to my attention yesterday by a friend who was getting tuned by them. They are largely a Subaru tuner, but their facebook page shows a MK7 GTI getting tuned. Wondering if that person was on here, or anybody has been tuned by them, either on dyno or...
  6. Handguns4heaRTs

    Flooded Car Parts

    I have been seeing a lot of parts for sale from areas recently hit with storms/hurricanes/possible flooding. Kinda sketchy to me. My question is, besides electronics (obviously), which kinds of parts would one want to steer clear from if they were possibly exposed to flooding/storm damage?
  7. Handguns4heaRTs

    Revo Turbo Inlet Hose Looks interesting. Built in turbo inlet for an "all in one" type piece. Thoughts?
  8. Handguns4heaRTs

    Cars @ Sunset - OC - April 22

    Cars @ Sunset presented by SigMods! 4.22.17 from 5-8pm at The Source OC in Buena Park. Come out and check out hundreds of amazing cars and cool people.
  9. Handguns4heaRTs

    OBDEleven Pro (So Cal)

    _SOLD_ I accidentally ordered an extra OBDEleven Pro, that comes with 200 free credits. I would prefer local pickup in South OC(Irvine/Mission Viejo), and not to ship, but I might be willing. $56- what I paid. PM me with offers, etc. If you don't have one of these, you want one.