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  1. avenali312

    PSA: CTS Intake with Group 48 Battery

    Hey all, I saw a similar post from 2017, but wanted to provide a reminder since we have a lot of new members and I just learned this one the hard way (not too hard though, since I picked it up used for a good deal and should be able to easily resell it). The CTS Intake (in particular...
  2. avenali312

    Default Bluetooth Device

    Hey all, I'm hoping this is a simple fix, but nothing jumped out at me in the menu or with a quick search. 2015 GTI S with MIB 1 Is there a way to specify a default device for Bluetooth? Both my wife and I have our phones in the system, but the car seems to decide at random which it wants to...
  3. avenali312

    Heated Mirror Troubleshooting

    Hello all, Since the temps in Georgia have dropped recently and I've been met with being frosted over in the morning, I've noticed that my driver's side heated mirror does not defrost nearly as quickly or as well as the passenger side. What steps would I follow to diagnose the issue? A couple...
  4. avenali312

    Looking for recommendations on a standing desk

    Hey all, How many of you are working at a standing desk (or a standing desk converter that sits on your regular desk and moves up and down)? I've been intrigued lately due to some posture issues and a new found focus on fitness. If you have one you like, please share a link! I have a pretty...
  5. avenali312

    WTB: 32gb of DDR3 RAM (4x8gb)

    Hey all, Some current 3D renders are maxing out my 16gb kit, so I'd like to upgrade (but I don't want to do everything to upgrade to DDR4 haha). With DDR3 being deprecated now, new kits are more expensive than back in the day, so I'm hoping someone has some they'd let go cheap that's just in a...
  6. avenali312

    Rattle, thump, or clunk. It's one of those...

    Hey all, I've tried searching pretty extensively, but came up with nothing. I have a very odd noise that I can't really define as a rattle, thump, or clunk that's driving me crazy. When it happens: - Driving along in a middle-ish gear (3 or 4) at a lower RPM - Slowly press pedal to accelerate...
  7. avenali312

    MDI Adapter Cable - White Collar

    Edit: Per the comment below, not MK7 relevant. Thought the cable was for the MK7, just older devices. That's my error. Still for sale if it's something you need. So, I bought my car used and this was the cable in the glove box. It is of no use to my Android or my wife's iPhone 6. I'm not really...
  8. avenali312

    Project Red XIII: avenali312's OEM+ GTI

    Point 1: I'm a nerd. Some of you will already know that based on the Final Fantasy VII reference in the thread title. Point 2: This "build" will not be extravagant by any means, nor will it be quick. I've always had a very OEM+ mentality with my cars and I will only be doing work as the budget...
  9. avenali312

    GTI Non-PP: 18" to 17" Downsizing

    Hey all, Thinking about trading my stock Austins to someone (if I can find the right person and set, or maybe start talking with used car dealers about a swap) for some VW Goals in anthracite. From my research, it seems like they only exists in 17" x 7.5", which I'm okay with since I liked the...
  10. avenali312

    2015 iPhone 6 Connection with VW Cable

    So, I will admit that I don't really know a lot about this since my Android is always connected via Bluetooth, but my used 2015 GTI came with the cable to connect an iPhone via Lightning connector. My wife has an iPhone 6, so I figured it was a good way for her to connect to the car without...
  11. avenali312

    In case you have an extra 1.5 mil laying around

    I was poking around Autotrader and searching for cars in Florida and came across this: 2000 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR So, it would seem this is #17 based off the stamp in the photos. According to Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR
  12. avenali312

    Happy Halloween *pumpkin content*

    Hope everyone had a good one. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  13. avenali312

    Calling all color vision deficient forum members

    Hey all, I've got a favor to ask if you have either a protan or deutan form of color vision deficiency, also commonly referred to as red green colorblindness. I've been working on a project for my masters thesis for the past year and I need some people to take a short test and survey. It...