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  1. spiker369

    Halogen Headlight Thread

    Do you go to/travel by FAU at all? Saw a black mk7 with a similar light setup the other day.
  2. spiker369

    2011 mk6 tires

    Denvers will clear the brakes. I have a friend with a 7.5 that has Denvers on.. Is it suggested to run them as anything other than a winter setup? Definitely not.
  3. spiker369

    being curious : Hood Spacers / Rear Wiper Delete Kit

    hai friend when I took my wiper off on the mk7 I didnt have to code anything, it disable the squirter on my car when the wiper was unplugged. on the mk6 I had to code it off tho. might be different year to year tho knowing vw. 2017 SE here.
  4. spiker369

    Eurotripper 7 - Fort Myers, FL - Feb 8, 2020

    Does a bear shit in the woods? jkjk i'll be there, been to every ET show so far
  5. spiker369

    With Euro Ex 2020 seemingly cancelled...

    AVF is put on by the same guy that does EuroTripper, so @eurotripper on IG
  6. spiker369

    With Euro Ex 2020 seemingly cancelled...

    Alpine VAG Fair in Helen, May 15-17
  7. spiker369

    South East Florida Tuesday Night Meet

  8. spiker369

    DSG Shift Knobs

    I'm not sure if it's a direct swap, but I don't see why it wouldn't be, but you can always put in an audi knob, there are some that are ball shape, S3 and such.
  9. spiker369

    Fake Sunroof wrap.

    if you fake the sunroof you have to fake the peeling clear coat too
  10. spiker369

    Low Battery Voltage + DRL Issues?

    Hey all! Haven't posted in a long time but been having some interesting issues lately.. Noticed an inconsistent issue of my passenger side DRL (lighting package, mk7, 2017 SE) going out randomly. It would come back with either a power cycle or making the turn signal go on. This has happened...
  11. spiker369

    AirBag light.. Third time in 3 weeks..

    Hey all.. So I dont really post here often but recently had some issues with my 2017 GTI SE. I had the airbag light come on the first week of the month and it came out to be the crash sensor in the passenger door (VCDS scan) so the dealer replaced the sensor. Got the car back same day, then 3...
  12. spiker369

    42 Draft Design catback?

    Anyone on here have one paired with the stock downpipe? If so mind sharing some sound clips? Looking to add more sound without messing with the power (so no downpipe) and I don't want to cut the stock exhaust so for the price I think the 42D is the best bet ($675) unless someone can chime in...
  13. spiker369

    Comparison~ Trunk Light LEDs -- stock, OEM, deAutoLED

    Alright so, deAutoLED and I have worked together many times in the past when I used to own a Mark 6 GTI. I did comparisons for their plate light housings, testing/comparing their different wafer bulbs for the footwells , testing/review on their remote controlled footwell lights, full interior...
  14. spiker369

    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    Here's my old mk6. I sure do miss the mods I had, but loving everything about the mk7 so far. 20160106_9655_BBSLM by Kyle Anderson, on Flickr
  15. spiker369

    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    Do you only have one? Or have any other pets? I thought ferrets were social animals that needed 24/7 accompaniment like guinea pigs.
  16. spiker369

    WCI - RIP

    It's so great lmfao
  17. spiker369

    US 2017 GTI Sport - Foglight retrofit?

    Hey all, I'm a current mk6 driver and thinking of upgrading. The Sport trim has me interested but I would love to be able to retrofit the foglights to it. Anyone know if it's possible or if there is a DIY anywhere? Thanks in advance!
  18. spiker369

    Pole: Your Favorite Plac Vehicle?

    CR-V is my vote.
  19. spiker369

    South East Florida Tuesday Night Meet

    S F L • V W /// -- South East Florida Tuesday Night Meet Just cross posting this from golfmk6. There have been a good turn out of mk7 owners so I figured why not. :D OT: Every first Tuesday of each month at 8pm a few of us mk6 owners meet...
  20. spiker369

    Mk7 GTI rear window "wings"

    physics. And something tells me the addition of the little fins won't help. 5Z1MjT3wHZY