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  1. carchrism5

    IS38 install_Philly area

    Third for Josh@TCR, he did mine and I drove 2 hours each way for it.
  2. carchrism5

    WTB: Carbon steering wheel for R

    I highly recommend Urotuning if you're looking for a custom one, I've had mine for over a year and have been very happy with it.
  3. carchrism5

    F/S: New Custom Made Plaid Keychains and Backpacks

    Made some more over the last month.
  4. carchrism5

    F/S: New Custom Made Plaid Keychains and Backpacks

    Just a few projects, liked how they came out so offering a few out to others if interested.can add custom embroidery if interested. Done by hand with actual Clark fabric and the items are brand new. Key chains are $15 and Adidas bags are $100 plus shipping.
  5. carchrism5

    Help Coding Mk7.5 Rep Tails on MK7

    Hello, I'm looking for some help coding my tail lights. I bought the MK7.5 design tail lights for the MK7 with the harness from Aliexpress. The fit/finish is great and al functions work well. However, I'm running into some issues with coding. I used the BEC coding instructions here...
  6. carchrism5

    Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel (Black/Red) w/ PICS

    I ordered this wheel last month from Justin @ and it arrived last week. I know Urotuning has been around for a while but don't think I had ever ordered from them before and was pleasantly surprised with their level of customer service and professionalism. The wheel came faster than...
  7. carchrism5

    New Mod: Red Seat Belts

    Saw this idea a while back, but never thought much of it due to cost and amount of work just to do seat belts. Finally I decided to just bite the bullet and do it. I had to remove the old ones, send them out, wait a few days for them to come back and then reinstall. I used a company called...
  8. carchrism5

    eEuroFest at Lime Rock in CT Friday/Saturday 6/8-6/9

    Anyone looking for something to do this weekend, this is worth checking out. I went last year and it was a great time. Did many runs on their small track, some nice cars, food and very relaxed environment. I'll be there both days.
  9. carchrism5

    F/S BBS SR 18x8 w/ Indy 500 235/40 Tires (CT)

    Up for sale is a set of BBS SR 18x8 wheels ET 45 in Anthracite with Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 235/40/18 tires. The wheels are in excellent condition, upon cleaning I only noticed one light scuff on one wheel that is may the size of a pencil eraser. The wheels and tires are less than a year...
  10. carchrism5

    IS38 Rebuild vs. Hybrid Build

    I have an IS38 that I purchased that I am looking to either have rebuilt or explore the hybrid options. Rebuild: As a more basic and less expensive option I would have the turbo rebuilt, have it balanced and improve the oil lines. I think this is along the lines of what BMP Tuning had as the...
  11. carchrism5

    Brembo TT-RS Brakes Installed w/ a Little Volkswagen Touch

    It’s been a few months of getting parts together, ended up buying two complete TT-RS setups, sourced other parts elsewhere and the end result is this. Absolutely love the brakes, little further pedal travel but stopping power over stock PP brakes is huge. Haven’t gotten them on the track yet...
  12. carchrism5

    Seeking help with TT-RS brake clearance on 18s

    I have a set of TT-RS calipers that are set to go on my car and besides Neuspeed wheels I'm not finding too many 18" wheels that fit over the calipers. Ideally I'm looking for a wheel to run without spacers and anywhere between 8-9" wide. I came across the Konig Rennforms which are made 18x9 et...
  13. carchrism5

    2018 Focus RS

    I remember when these came out last year and I went to the dealer to ask about them, they said they had an allocation and were asking 10-15k over, I walked out before they finished the sentence. I went back earlier this year when I bought my GTI, they had a few at the dealer and a few incoming...
  14. carchrism5

    2017 CSG GTI Sport - "Grey Poupon"

    So after owning my car for a few months and doing a few things to it I felt there was enough to start a build thread. The car is a 2017 DSG GTI Sport that I bought at the end of January. I got my first VW in college, had a MKV R32 that I regretted selling. I went through a few other cars...
  15. carchrism5

    ODBEleven Coding Available in Fairfield County, CT

    I have an ODBEleven that mostly sits in my car so I figured why not help out local people who don't want to buy one just to do a few tweaks so I'm offering up mine to use in the area. I'm not charging to use it at all, just the cost of the apps which is a few dollars. You can just send me a...
  16. carchrism5

    Carbon Steel Gray GTI with BBS SRs and PSS10s

    Finally had the suspension installed over the weekend and the car finally looks the way I was hoping. Suspension is great, huge improvement over stock setup, but still need to dial it in. Proper pictures coming later but here is one for now.
  17. carchrism5

    Auto Folding mirror coding issue with ODBEleven in 2017

    So I installed my power folding mirrors in my GTI this weekend using USP's manual, took a little bit of time but got them done exactly as I wanted. I then went to coding and have not been able to get everything to fully function and was looking for some help. I have a 2017 GTI with a Dec or...
  18. carchrism5

    Rented a 13 GTR for the weekend

    You can rent a GTR on Turo? That seems crazy that someone would let people rent a GTR, put 300 miles on it and launch it a bunch of times. But sounds like you had fun and it was a good deal for you, including insurance.
  19. carchrism5

    Can anyone help me pick up a WinBook TW801 tablet?

    I just checked and no stores in the NYC area carry it either. Would have picked one up for you.
  20. carchrism5

    Looking for input on Bilstein B16/PSS10

    I'm going to do the suspension on my car and naturally came to the Bilstein B16/PSS10 coils quickly. My goals are to lower it a little bit, most likely near the minimum drop on the coils, and adjust to drive daily to the train station but i also go on fun drives numerous times a week on windy...