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  1. Anthony3o55

    Stock Parts off GTI South FL

    Trying to get rid of the stock muffler and stock suspension off my GTI S 2017. Springs, Shocks & Struts front and rear has less than 20k miles. Throw the best offer. Muffler (good for those who wanna take it to a shop and modify Stock Resonator
  2. Anthony3o55

    Stock 2017 GTI suspension less than 20k

    Some of you may know I replaced my suspension at 20k miles with DG springs and B8's. Looking for someone to take them away from me $250 OBO picked up in South Florida. Can do shipping, however, buyer MUST pay shipping.
  3. Anthony3o55

    Used GTI injectors

    not sure if anyone buys used injectors and sends them off to get professionally cleaned and shit. OEM injectors are about $250 each. I replaced my injectors and didn't send them out to get worked on because I can't be without a car to get them done, so I replaced them. Injectors have a decent...
  4. Anthony3o55


    CTS BOV FS let me know! $175 OBO Edit: Sale Pending
  5. Anthony3o55


    Hey guys, I removed my CTS BOV a couple months ago and then tried to sell it & nobody hit me up for it, so I installed it again, ran it for a bit and decided to take it off so I can use the money to buy some need injectors since I have a bad one in cylinder 1. BOV is great, driving normal it...
  6. Anthony3o55

    EPC, Misfires, & Injector

    Hey guys, I got a 17 GTI and been having some issue for a while. I've experienced the car throwing a EPC light (NO CEL) when driving normal and OBD shows Injector monitoring in cylinder one& OBD shows that it fixes it self. I would do a data log to show you guys but OBD11 on apple doesn't...
  7. Anthony3o55


    Hey guys, I have a 2017 GTI S (6speed) I purchased January 2020 with 12k miles off a lease. Today I am at 53k miles and love the car since I bought it. At about 20k miles I installed a CTS DP and left the stock ECU until 40k. I am tuned stage 1 (supposed to b stage2, couldn't afford it atm) so...
  8. Anthony3o55

    Stock Suspension off 17 GTI NON-PP

    Putting these up to see what I can get for them. Have been sitting in the garage. Back story about my car. Bought the car in Janauary 2020 as a CPO with 11k miles. Upgraded to DG springs + B8s to get an OEM+ ride with a minor drop. Stock suspension was removed at 20-25k miles. Might need to...
  9. Anthony3o55

    Noise when engaging clutch from a stop

    Hey guys, for a while now I been getting an odd noise when engaging the clutch in first gear. Say from a stop I need to start moving I will clutch in, first gear, raise the rpms a bit and start releasing the clutch. When the clutch is getting to its bitting point I will get like a rattling/...
  10. Anthony3o55


    Hey guys, I removed my BOV a month ago and have it sitting there. I have thought about installing it back on but considered to not have to deal with paying for the install again. Comes ready to install with zip ties. Prefer local pick up located in Miami but can ship as well. 200$ or BEST offer
  11. Anthony3o55

    Having issues EPC light & Rattle (HELP)

    For the past three days my car hasn't been running 100%. The first day I was driving on the highway and went to switch lanes to pass another car and the EPC light turned on. It happened once that day and late at night I started to hear a rattling by the DP/turbo area every time I accelerate. On...
  12. Anthony3o55

    P00AF code, CEL

    EPC light came on. Only had it happen once like two months ago. Just now driving the light came on but the car was driving. I pulled over n turned off the car yata yata. Got back onto the road and dash is good no codes. I take this light quick and then EPC light comes on again with the CEL. I...
  13. Anthony3o55

    Grinding noise

    whats up guys. Here’s a back story. Manual GTI, got the car with 12k miles last year. Currently at 36k now. I learned manual on this car so I’ve stalled the car a couple times in the very beginning. I got no tune, just a DP. I drive spiritedly occasionally. I dont experience any slip at all. If...
  14. Anthony3o55

    SOLD: Delete

  15. Anthony3o55

    FS: CTS BOV, MUFFLER, RES, & Shifter

    I finally decided to get rid of my stock muffler and resonator. Its been sitting in the garage for a year. I ended up installing Euro short shifter, Clubsport S muffler, and Vibrant Res. Both were removed at 17k miles. stock muffler 175$ OBO stock resonator 50$ OBO also got the stock shifter...
  16. Anthony3o55

    Stock Shift Knob Plastic Top Cracking

    So whats the deal with the stock shift knob cracking on the top where the gears are shown. I almost bought a white MK7 with a fat crack down the middle. I have no idea how tf my shit started to crack. Im definitely gonna buy this BFI knob...
  17. Anthony3o55

    ECS Brake Service Kit

    Local VW shop offering these service brake kit with labor included. What’s the info on this? I feel like these shit suck. I dont track, only Daily spirited driving
  18. Anthony3o55

    Anyone here have MTM tune?

    Not much info on MTM on the MK7 platform online. I was wondering if anyone runs this tune. This is the only stage 1 tune that offers a pops/bangs tune. Otherwise, my other option is Unitronic Stage 2. What’s nice is Unitronic is definitely cheaper. While MTM with the exhaust tune its about 1000$...
  19. Anthony3o55

    thoughts on DKM STAGE 3 CLUTCH

    What’s your thoughts on the DKM stage 3 clutch as a DD. Im considering stage 2 tune and would like to have a clutch that set and done. If I install the DKM stage 3 clutch, add a Fluidampner and iAbed rear seal will it reduce my chances of crank walk? Im not passing 400HP or TQ
  20. Anthony3o55

    Need help on bumpstop

    I have some bilstein B8s and am looking to install some bump stops in the rear. Unfortunately the stock bump stops didnt fit since the bilstein shock is thicker. I just been having some noise in the rear when going over bumps. My mechanic said I need bump stops. Anyone have an idea I really...