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  1. Chad13762

    Anyone folding molecules?

    I'm sure lots of people here have already heard about Folding@home. I'm curious if anyone else is doing it? I have three decent PCs with GPU's folding 24-7. I know they have had a huge inrush of participants since Corvid-19, and now they have more processing power...
  2. Chad13762

    My first track day..

    I've been a regular autocrosser for years, but had my first track day this weekend. Our SCCA region held the event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I ran my Golf R in Novice B (250+ hp) on street tires (Potenza S-04's.) Below is kind of a long winded summary of my day. First Session -...
  3. Chad13762

    Ford vs Ferrari Movie

    Our SCCA region was able to score free early screening tickets of the Ford vs Ferrari movie, and I saw it last night. It's definitely a must see if your a car enthusiast. Of course their were Hollywood liberties and missed details to make it a movie, but overall, it was about as well done as...
  4. Chad13762

    New VW Logo

    This came up on TheSamba a couple weeks ago. I'm surprised it hasn't hit here yet: The air-cooled guys hate it. But then again, they hate everything VW has done for the...
  5. Chad13762

    November Fastrack

    #22882 Move rally cars and friends to DS Per the SAC, please make the following changes to Appendix A: Move from BS to DS: Volkswagen Golf R (2015-2017) I guess the '18's don't get to play. Probably because of the 7 speed DSG? Sucks for us '18 MT folks.
  6. Chad13762

    Just bought a new car and..

    I don't even need to join a new forum: My forth Golf in a row. - 2009 Rabbit - 2013 GTI - 2016 GTI - 2018 R
  7. Chad13762

    Best "affordable" tire for Street Prepared

    This is actually for our DSP R56 Mini Cooper S, but I figure it's a relevant question to ask here... And I don't really participate much in the Mini forums :cool: I've been running RE71s, and they are due for replacement. The car recently moved from STX to DSP due to a clutch upgrade, so...
  8. Chad13762

    Silver Project Camber Plates

    Has anyone here installed Silver Project camber plates? I found these while sourcing parts for my Super Beetle (1302) autocross project car. I ordered the plates for my Super, and received...
  9. Chad13762

    Power washer on a hot day fail.

    Flame away for my stupidity. It was a 110 degrees out (soft rubber), I was in a hurry and left the red tip on the power washer (the most concentrated tip.) Ooof :o Looks fairly easy to replace the part. I have a friend at a VW dealer that is going to look up the Part # and cost. Learn...
  10. Chad13762

    DCC setting -vs- Strut longevity

    This is probably a completely pointless question, but I was thinking about it the other day, so I thought I'd post it up. Is there any difference in wear on or durability of the DCC struts, based on which mode they are in? I normally drive in Sport mode (with VWR springs) and only occasionally...
  11. Chad13762

    Your favorite on-ramp. Post it.

    I'm assuming I'm not the only one who sees on-ramps and odd intersection layouts as a way to have some fun while staying within legal(ish) speeds. I though it would be fun if you all get out your Google Earth and post up your favorite bits of road. This is my current favorite. It's a new...
  12. Chad13762

    Need a sporty Tuba hauler.

    My wife drives an '07 Mini Cooper S. It's set up for, and she races autocross. She lovers her car. My kid now plays tuba, it doesn't fit in the Mini. My wife is in tears since she has to drive our big 'ol Dodge 2500 every day to haul this massive instrument. So I'm looking for ideas on a...
  13. Chad13762

    Old guy habits die hard.

    So.. I catch myself every so often giving the gas pedal a pump just before I start the car. I'm pretty sure I do this every time I start the car, but don't notice. Anyone who's had a carbureted vehicle, knows that this is used to set the choke and give the engine a squirt of raw fuel to help...
  14. Chad13762

    Stock MT/PP Clutch Slippage

    Background: I've had my car for about 3,500 miles and it's bone stock (except springs) Prior to this weekend, I haven't had any clutch issues during typical stoplight to stoplight street hooning - although I usually don't launch that hard on the street. This weekend, at an Autocross event...
  15. Chad13762

    Autocross(ish) alignment

    I just installed VWR springs, so will be taking the car in for an alignment in a week or so. I don't have any plans to install camber plates or do much else to the suspension. Maybe a rear sway bar in the future. Knowing there's not much to adjust in the front except toe, are there any...
  16. Chad13762

    Fender SW (Only) Upgrade

    I'm planning to replace just the Fender subwoofer, using the factory amp. Is there any definitive info on the amp's crossover point, or factory EQ? Yah - I know this won't be an ideal upgrade. I've torn apart every car I've owned to install wires, crossovers, amps etc. I'm just not ready to...
  17. Chad13762

    Dumb Question - Volume fades in middle of song.

    I only have had my car for about 200-miles, so maybe I just need to dive into the manual..but a few times now, with the Fender system turned up to moderately high volume, the volume as faded to a low level in middle of a song. No incoming calls or nav info happening - nothing on MFD or radio...
  18. Chad13762

    Hmm - which car to autocross

    Previously I was running my '13 GTI in GS, and my wife was running her '07 Mini Cooper S in STX. Now, I have a kart for my two kids share in JA and JB. This means we can't take two cars and the truck (to haul the kart) out for a day - so my wife and I will need to share a car. If we run my...
  19. Chad13762

    New to forum..MK7 GTI PP

    Ok, I was waiting until I actually had my car, but I can't take it any more. I traded my '13 White GTI (bare bones candy white 4 door MT/S) in for a '16 Carbon Steel Metallic Autobahn/PP/MT/DCC/Lighting Package last weekend. The car wasn't at the dealer, and has to be shipped from Phoenix to...
  20. Chad13762

    Autocrossing a TDI Sportwagon

    My first post in MK7. I just traded in my 2013 GTI for a 2016 GTI with a manual trans and Power Package. Unfortunately I won't have it for a week, and the dealer put me in a loaner TDI Sportwagon. So guess what we're racing today..:p I have no expectations that it will do well, but it'll...