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  1. GeorgeTSI

    Guess the sensors in the picture :-)

    Can anyone help me identify the two sensors indicated in the picture ? If you have part codes for them it's even better, thanks.
  2. GeorgeTSI

    Car doesn't pull, logs posted, advice needed ? ? ?

    I have a 1.8 TSI manual hatchback pre-facelift. After driving it for a month or so, there are clear issues with the engine. Most of the time the car doesn't pull like it should. I have driven other cars with the same 1.8 engine and they have an even strong pull through the rev range, from 2500...
  3. GeorgeTSI

    Oil temp sensors and heater pump errors

    Does anyone know if there are 2 separate sensors for oil temperature ? I have oil temp sensor errors and apparently there are 2 different readings on the tester. I replaced the one in the slump (3F907660E) but there are still errors which can't be cleared, so what about the second sensor ? Can...
  4. GeorgeTSI

    OEM lightest wheels

    I came across this site some time ago searching for cheap light wheels. Seems light OEM wheels are among the cheapest, at least in Europe, if you know what to look for. I was thus able to buy 2 sets of rims in 15" and 16", of less than 6 kg and 7 kg respectively, at very good prices. Audi und...
  5. GeorgeTSI

    Car shudders at idle

    I have a shudder or tremble at idle, which I feel through the seat. Sometimes it's stronger and sometimes faint, but it's always there. If I rev the engine past 1000-1200 rpm I can no longer feel it. The car is a 2016 1.8 US model manual. The engine has been recently opened and cleaned...
  6. GeorgeTSI

    Oil recommendation for 1.8 TSI St2

    What type and make of oil would you recommend for the 1.8 engine ? The car will be used mostly in the city on short trips (3-7 miles trips, up to 15 miles per day), at times driven spirited and other times crawling in heavy traffic. I will do less than 7k miles per year. Local climate has...
  7. GeorgeTSI

    Golf TSI weight and mods

    So my Golf will be ready this month. With all the new parts I put in, it seems it will be more nose heavy than the factory car. Between the Ebay intercooler, a steel oil pan, a steel skid plate / belly pan and some aluminum hoses, the front of the car will have say 55-60 more lbs over stock...
  8. GeorgeTSI

    Mk7 oem rear badge dimensions

    Can someone in the US/Canada measure the oem "GOLF" and "TSI" rear badges on their Golf Mk7 ? I'd like to know the dimensions for both of them, see pics below, thanks.
  9. GeorgeTSI

    GTD vs TSI oem rear silencer

    Does anyone know how the GT(D) oem rear silencer compares to the oem TSI silencer ? Is it more / less restrictive ? Louder / quieter ? This refers to the regular TDI 2.0 150HP as well as the GTD 184HP.
  10. GeorgeTSI

    GTI/R oem pipes for the TSI

    Does anyone know what oem pipes/hoses, from the GTI or R, can be fitted and make improvements on the 1.8 TSI engine ? Turbo outlet and inlet pipes ? Other parts ?
  11. GeorgeTSI

    6" or 6.5" wide 15" wheels

    Wheels of 15-16 inch for a Golf 7 I'm looking for a set of wheels. I have a 1.8 TSI which will also have software, probably stage 2. For reasons of bad roads and comfort I am looking at 15" diameter wheels. The question is 6 or 6.5 width ? And what tyre size to go with them ? 195/65/R15 or...
  12. GeorgeTSI

    Engine internals for the 1.8 TSI

    I would like to get some links to the best type/brand of "small" internal parts for the 1.8 TSI gen3. I will soon open up the engine to look for signs of wear and also clean it up. I will change all parts affected by wear: piston rings, all bearings (camshaft and conrod), cam followers, and...
  13. GeorgeTSI

    Golf airbags US vs EU version

    From the popular US vs EU series :), today we are looking at airbags. I'd like to replace some airbags on my US model Golf with locally available EU parts, specifically the steering wheel unit. The European part looks the same, but the code is slightly different: US: 5GM 880 201 A (5GM880201A)...
  14. GeorgeTSI

    TSI subframe US vs EU version

    Golf subframe US vs EU version Here is an unusual question. Apparently my engine front subframe (see photo of the part below) is a little bit bent out of shape :), so my mechanic said unless you want to drive funny we'll have to order a new one. Ok, but the thing is I am in Europe and my Golf...
  15. GeorgeTSI

    Golf R / S3 parts for 1.8 TSI

    I have recently bought a MK7 1.8 TSI with front damage. Basically all the radiators in the front have to be replaced, water, intercooler etc. I know the R/S3 intercooler is a direct fit and slightly larger than the stock TSI model. Since I don't want to spend too much on an aftermarket IC I'll...
  16. GeorgeTSI

    KESSY without start button

    Does anyone know if the KESSY system in the american (or canadian) version of the MK7 Golf is/was available without a start button ? I saw such a car in an ad, it says is has kessy (and I can see the keyless locks), but I can't see a start button on the central console, or anywhere else on the...
  17. GeorgeTSI

    XDS on canadian Golf TSI from 2014 ?

    Hello everyone, does anyone know if VW included the XDS system on the very first built MK7 Golfs from 2014, including those sold in Canada ? I searched and found it mentioned as standard on 2015/2016 and onward built cars, but nothing explicit for 2014/2015. Edit: I've now found some Golf...
  18. GeorgeTSI

    Canadian car - very long period between manufacture and registration

    Hello guys from Canada, maybe you could help me out. I'd like to buy a VW Golf TSI which was originally sold and registered in Canada. The car seems to be the Trendline version - the lowest trim. The thing is, there are about 2 years (!) between the manufacturing date (mid 2014) and first...
  19. GeorgeTSI

    Golf 7 TSI 1.8 reliability

    Hello everybody, I'm thinking about buying a used Golf TSI with the 1.8 EA888 gen 3 engine, manufactured in 2014 or 2015, with a 5 speed manual transmission. Is there any info on the reliabiliy of this engine / model ? Specifically, I read somewhere about a bad batch of turbos on early...