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    Mk7 GTD manual gearbox oil change.

    Hi guys, As per title. Got a manual gearbox GTD. On my second Mk7 gtd from new and already fast approaching 100k miles in this one! Wondering if anyone has had their gearbox oil changed or knows if its a similar procedure to the GTI/R's? Can upgraded oils be used like Motul as per the...
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    GTD 7.5 new 7speed DSG. REMAP

    Hi, sorry if been asked before. As per title anyone done a remap with the new 7 speed box on the facelift GTD or knowledge on what it can handle? Might be chopping my mk7 in for a 7.5 soon....Cheers.
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    Monza wheels to replace Nogaro's MK7 GTD

    Monza wheels to replace Nogaro's anyone? Straight forward bolt on or require adjustment on a GTD. Prefer the look of the Monza wheel hence why im asking.
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    Long life servicing anyone??

    Probably a covered topic but anyhow here goes... I was told by the dealeship recently that it would be better to switch to long-life service intervals on my get a service every 20k miles rather than every 10k miles. After expressing my concerns to the dealer about keeping oil in the...
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    2nd GTD in a row FTW!!!

    Had a lovely mk7 GTD in night blue. 5 door manual. No options other than sat nav. Had it since Sept 2014. Loved it in every way. Such a good all round car. And very ergonomical for my height 6'4". Found it super comfy and as refined on a long journey as a much bigger car. Wrote it off last...
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    squealing noise when rolling.

    Hi, Slight issue, cars booked in end of this month but its bugging me anyway! The problem is on my GTD. My front drivers side has developed a slight rolling squealing noise like what you get with a rusty old bycicle wheel or wheel barrow. There is no bearing noise clicking or any looseness in...
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    GTD remapping

    Hi all, Probably already covered on here pls forgive... Anyone mapped their GTD yet...? and if so any gains in economy? I know the obvious gains in performance are to be expected but really want to know if there are any real world gains to be had in fuel consumption. Have just broken the 1k...
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    anyone had their mk7 gtd mapped by MRC Tuning?

    Hi Guys, Newbie to everything golf. Getting my mk7 delivered in September as the daily commuter etc. Any of you had your gtd's mapped by MRC? If so what were (if any) improvements in fuel economy extra urban ? Many thanks. Adam. :)