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  1. marc5800

    Open source tuners

    I know that open source is more of a DIY solutions in terms of tuning. While I understand the basics and consider myself ''knowledgeable''. I don't feel 100% comfortable tuning the car myself w/ open source. Any open source tuners out there?
  2. marc5800

    OEM stock turbo - exhaust cutout

    Has anyone done an exhaust cutout to see if there are any measurable gains that could be had? In order words, if by passing the OEM catback provided better spool and power gains with an aftermarket DP? I've heard of a few IS20/IS38 guys doing exhaust cutouts and they mentioned gaining some...
  3. marc5800

    EQT Stg2 vs ED Stg2

    Ran a buddies GTI stg2 EQT on pump (most recent 93oct file v2.52). Pretty close race which surprised me since the GTI is lighter than the A3. We both did a log separately on the same road (so the conditions were the same). Here are Vdyno numbers just for fun (obviously take these with a grain...
  4. marc5800

    IS20 maxed out?

    * not looking to upgrade the turbo right now * Wondering what else could be done to potentially gain a bit more power. I'm fully aware the IS20 is a tiny turbo. I'm currently FBO (intake, inlet, IC, catless DP, HPFP, ECU & TCU tuned). I daily drive on 94oct and use full E85 for track days /...
  5. marc5800

    Littco IS38X turbo

    Littco IS38X never installed Like new condition (obviously) Key features over an OEM IS38: - WG actuator included as seen in pictures - upgraded thrust bearings - properly balanced from Littco - no insert - clipped turbine wheel (potentially better flow and lower EGTs) with slightly more top...
  6. marc5800

    Littco IS38x turbo

    Littco IS38X never installed Like new condition (obviously) Key features over an OEM IS38: - WG actuator included as seen in pictures - upgraded thrust bearings - properly balanced from Littco - no insert - clipped turbine wheel (potentially better flow and lower EGTs) with slightly more top...
  7. marc5800

    DSG service - overfilled or underfilled?

    Is there any way to check the DSG fluid level without draining the excess fluid? Pretty sure no but I just want to make sure I put the correct amount (didn’t overfill or underfill) What would be the symptoms if it was overfilled or underfilled?
  8. marc5800

    CTS-V vs A3 Quattro vs B5 RS4 Avant vs random bike

    4 way 1/4 mile race (sorry for the poor video quality) Details for each car in the video description. Obviously the CTS-V would of annihilated my car. It’s easily a 10s car with the mods done to it. Pretty cool to see a rare B5 RS4 Avant! Also, anybody know what kind of bike this is?
  9. marc5800

    IS20 Datazap logs

    Can anyone share IS20 Datazap logs (preferably FBO tuned on Eurodyne)? Just trying to compare a few values (post shift boost / RPM). Can also PM me if you don't want to share publicly. Thanks!
  10. marc5800

    Cerma engine treatment + turbo treatment - Does it actually work?

    Anyone know if this stuff actually works and is actually worth it? Have 32,000 miles on the car (nothing crazy) but figured I may try it if it works as advertised. It isn’t cheap so I’m trying to gather more information.
  11. marc5800

    TCU tune - Redline & shift behavior

    Is this normal behavior? Scenario: M mode (manual) | auto upshift removed If I redline (at fuel cutoff -- 6700rpm) and then manually shift the car (in M mode), the shift is brutal and harsh. Clearly, the car doesn't like to go at fuel / slightly beyond cutoff and then get shifted. From...
  12. marc5800

    034 Motorsport DSG / TCU tune

    Anyone have input or experience with this TCU tune for the DQ250 on MQB?
  13. marc5800

    TVS engineering TCU tune

    Has anyone heard good things about them? OR Does anyone have this TCU tune on their DQ250 DSG / S-Tronic tranmission? Apparently, their TCU tune is undetectable... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. marc5800

    Hoosier Drag Radial 2 tires

    Selling a pair (2) Hoosier Drag Radial (version 2) tires 225 / 50 / 16 * Almost brand new * Used them for a few passes - 8 passes in total Asking 700.00$ CDN (negotiable) Local only - Ottawa area Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. marc5800

    MK7 GTI drivetrain loss

    This thread isn’t about dyno numbers. Every dyno is different, every car is different and a dyno is a tuning tool OR also used to compare before and after (mods). I’m simply looking in the (approx.) drivetrain % loss on the MK7 GTI? I’m getting contradicting information. Standard or...
  16. marc5800

    Littco IS38X install - option

    Thought I’d share some pictures and start a thread on this. Essentially, it’s an IS38 turbo upgrade with a few things addressed inside the turbo to make it more reliable. Littco calls it the IS38X. - bigger thrust bearing - VSR balanced - Insert removed According to Dan, it should flow a...
  17. marc5800

    BMS pedal tuner for MK7

    Hey guys, I saw this was recently announced : The BMS pedal tuner. Basically eliminates the dead spot in the the throttle pedal. Nothing new here - it's a pedal box that helps with a more sensitive and crisper throttle input. Also works for...
  18. marc5800

    RSB upgrade and clunk / loose noise

    Recent RSB install (ST suspension 25mm). Now getting slight clunk and loose noise in the near. I checked everything and tighten the swaybar to frame and also tighten the OEM endlinks. However, still getting the noise. Are the OEM endlink just bad / garbage ? *I ordered the Moog rear...
  19. marc5800

    How much little sense does it make? Replace OEM IS20 with newer version

    Hear me out The logical move when swapping out turbos on the GTI is going at least with the IS38. However, in order to save money and possibly get better reliability, has anyone simply swapped out the IS20 to a newer version? 874 L seems to be among the most recent ones. The difference in...
  20. marc5800

    225/50/16 Hoosier D.O.T. Drag Radial tires

    Anyone have experience or feedback on these tires? I plan on using them for the 1/4 mile track. Do they provide decent grip? I don't want to run a full slick and I already know what the best setup for this platform is (M&H or M&T 24.5 x 8.5 x 15). These end up being way too expensive $$$ for...