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  1. Ezekiel81923

    Ever use Partify before?

    Reviews seem pretty good. Cheapest place to get a painted front bumper cover for my Mk7.5 that I have found. I hit a piece of tire tread which cracked the lower part of the grille. It has been taking forever for VW Parts Vortex to ship me a new grille and in the meantime the lower part of...
  2. Ezekiel81923

    Stern Rear Lower Brace Issues

    I'm really hoping I'm doing something dumb, but this doesn't seem to fit. According to the site it should, but installation instructions are non-existent. It can only go in one way, otherwise you'll never get the bolt holes lined up. But with the two ends lined up where they need to be the...
  3. Ezekiel81923

    SEPA Inspection / Ethanol Questions

    Hey gang, I know this part of the forum is not very active but I was hoping someone or some people would know and be able to chime in. Was looking into an E30 tune but using the online gas finders / E locator websites it seems that E is limited in our part of the world. I live in Limerick...
  4. Ezekiel81923

    OBDeleven: Hill Hold

    I've seen threads relating to this before but I haven't gotten a definitive answer. I've also searched other forums and have not been able to replicate what they are saying. I find hill hold annoying, and I'm not here to discuss the merits of it or why VW programmed it into our cars, I just...
  5. Ezekiel81923

    Building Otto

    Hello! Long story long.... New to the GTI platform and new to VW's (and German's) in general. Not new to the hot hatch scene. Thought I'd start one of these to keep my thoughts in order, keep me honest, and open up my thought process and build plans to other thoughts and critiques. I...