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    Error cornering lights

    Afternoon All, Before i go and buy some bulbs the car is saying error cornering lights afl ( i think) thought it may require a bulb change but on looking neither side works and thought both blowing at the same time may mean an actual problem with the light and not bulbs?
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    ACC deactivated

    Hi peeps i've searched the forum and did find a few with similar problems usually solved by a visit to the dealer. Before i do this i have a question albeit it sounds a silly one. I went to use the ACC today as i normally do everyday only it said its deactivated. I didnt get any warning nor are...
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    Please help Mobile wont connect

    Morning All (well for those in the dull wet UK) Hello everyone else I had no issues connecting my phone and others to my car over the last 18 months of ownership. I recently damaged my phone an S7 edge so the insurers sent me a replacement handset. I can not get the car to find the phone at all...
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    Morning All, A guy at work rang me yesterday and said my front drivers side tyre was looking low, front two tyres are approx 10 weeks old so panicked in case i had a puncture and anew tyre was required. i took the car to the garage over the road who checked it out, report came back tyre fine no...
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    Mitchell & King Marque wax for sale

    Hello All, I have a glass jar of wax by Mitchell & King. This is a bespoke made marque wax called 'Wolf' this wax was developed to suit dark coloured cars in particular carbon grey golf. This would retail between £150-175 but looking for £110 this is a truly stunning wax which is suited to both...
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    i love my golf but this is starting to really annoy me

    Does anyone else have the issue of water pouring in when you ope any door after its rained or even a window? surely they tested these sort of things. if its rained hard and i open any door or window unless the car is on a spirit level flat it just runs straight in everywhere. its beyond stupid
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    anyone else heard of this

    Afternoon All, i received a call last week regarding my GTD and feedback in particular on the nav system and car net. i gave my views etc.... i recieved a call back yesterday from a lady saying following my feedback they are holding a conference meeting and would like a few people to attend...
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    Nav screen picture/home screen

    Morning All, (evening afternoon to some) The screen on the standard nav mk7 GTD shows a clock when cars in use but console not in use, can this be changed to have the vw logo and GTD that comes up on start up?
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    car net

    right car net is working fine in the car, the app on the other hand is killing me. i've downloaded it fine, log in only for it to show a passat! click to change it app logs me out, log back in app logs me out log back in logs me out (get the picture) sometime i get session expired please log...
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    sorry stupid question

    Really really stupid question heated rear windscreen on GTD MK7 UK is there a button if so where? i see the front (direct airflow i presume haven't got climate windscreen though have winter pack robbing bastards) and the mirrors but the rear?
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    Gel badge overlays

    Hi all, searched a few existing threads but they were quite old with no answers. Does anyone know where to get black badge overlays for the front back in black? It's to go over the outer ring and vw so effectively the whole badge is black. It's a lease car so I'd rather not start removing...
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    Newbie hello but i'm confused

    Howdy all, collected my GTD last friday it has the standard discovery navigation system which i'm guessign doesnt support mirror link? Car net, when tethered with my mobile hotspot (reception isnt great where i live) all the car net apps say disconnected? Overall coming froma ford focus...