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  1. GTI-G

    19 Golf R electrical errors

    Getting a door contact switch error coupled with an ebrake and auto hold error on the car for the drivers side door. Windows also won’t open from the main door switch. Anyone have any experience with these issues or might know what is causing them? Thanks.
  2. GTI-G

    Need help detailing Q!

    So short story..bought a 19 Gold R. Paint in good condition. Had it wrapped in Kavaca ppf over the full car. The Kavaca has a layer of their 9H ceramic pro on the film. Just wrapped like 2 weeks ago. I've detailed my own cars for awhile and follow several reputable detailers that say you can...
  3. GTI-G

    GTI-G's MK7.5 Golf R

    Just picked up a new 2019 Golf R in the Lapiz blue color. Bought it with 12k miles. So far have it wrapped with Kavaca ppf and did my first wash and detail. Have some initial mods ordered already: Turbo inlet pipe and hose. 034 Lower and upper dogbone mount inserts 034 Rear subframe mounts 034...
  4. GTI-G

    Stupid question

    Am I missing the lugs/bolts here?
  5. GTI-G

    Kavaca PPF

    Anyone have any experience using Kavaca paint protection film? Used to going with XPEL Ultimate but hear this one has a longer warranty and better self healing ability. Also sounds like it might be a better price.
  6. GTI-G

    Mirror Caps 19 Golf R

    Anyone know where I could order replacement mirror caps for a mk7.5 R? Black gloss or carbon fiber. Thanks in advance!
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    CPO question

    Hello all. A dealer in PA near me has a 2019 Golf R with 12k miles for $40,500. Is that price high? Car seems in good condition. All stock. One owner. Thanks.
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    2015 GTI S headlight Q

    Can the stock halogen bulbs be switched out with the lighting package led set? My dealer said they cant be because of the coding?
  9. GTI-G

    Eibach vs Vogtland

    Currently have H n R Sports. Ride is pretty rough. Thinking of switching them up. Opinions of these two? Thanks.
  10. GTI-G

    Need Tire Advice

    Trying to decide between: Michelin Pilot AS 3+ Pirelli P Zero AS Plus Continental Ex Contact DWS06 ........... Ride comfort is most important as i use the GTI as my DD and travel some rough roads. Dont take it to the track at all. Also would like great dry and wet grip and smooth handling...
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    2015 GTI-G Carbon

    New ride since the beginning of the year. Lowered and xpel wrap done on fromt end. Loving it so far!