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  1. Ezekiel81923

    APR A02 Flow Formed Wheels are Here - 4 Colors - 5 Sizes

    And I thought my Rennforms were a pain to clean. Nice looking wheel though.
  2. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Can't you just reduce your coverage / increase your deductible until it becomes affordable?
  3. Ezekiel81923

    200tw tires for Track use

    Did you like the RS-Pro's? I just picked up a set.
  4. Ezekiel81923

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Premium Deutsch Carbon has a few options.
  5. Ezekiel81923

    Mk7 oil filter confusion

    The 10396 took the place of the 10024. I have been purchasing the 10396 off of RockAuto since I bought the car and it's been great but if you have a 10024 it should work fine.
  6. Ezekiel81923

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    If I'm paying to have my turbo installed is it a waste of $$ to get a new, calibrated waste gate actuator versus having the old one swapped over?
  7. Ezekiel81923

    I need a clutch

    Going this route as well. Glad the chatter isn't too bad. But either way, race car. Did you go with the Performance or the Extreme?
  8. Ezekiel81923

    Long Term Spark Plug Thoughts

    RS7's after about 12k miles. Gapped to .024 Honestly not educated enough to know what plugs are supposed to look like but I didn't think they were bad, I know this wasn't a lot of miles but it's on a tuned is20 and I beat her up pretty good sometimes. I didn't upload the 4th photo because...
  9. Ezekiel81923

    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    There is an O2 sensor basically on the turbo and then one downstream on the downpipe itself. You would need a spacer for the sensor on the downpipe. If your aftermarket downpipe has a cat pre-O2 sensor you might be ok. If you're like me and the O2 sensor is pre-cat or you have no cat then...
  10. Ezekiel81923

    Who is on Bilstein B8s?

    I'm on B8's and H&R Sport springs. I think it's a great combo if you daily your car. Looks great, feels great, big bumps / metal plates / man holes suck but they always suck the lower you get. This drop on 235/40's looks great. I do have the Audi insulators in the rear which keep the rear a...
  11. Ezekiel81923

    How long has your performance clutch like sachs lasted?

    This. I came from a Mazdaspeed3 and the engine internals on the DISI were not as robust as the EA888 in our cars, WOT in 4-6th under 3krpm was considered a recipe for disaster on a tuned DISI so I developed these driving habits very early on. Cut to... I've been stage 2 tuned on my MK7.5 for...
  12. Ezekiel81923

    CoilPack Bolt Stripped Thread

    I've never pulled one of those bolts out and found clean threads so I always have 4 new ones on hand when I change spark plugs. This is after snapping one of the bolts the first time I changed the plugs, leaving half the bolt in the valve cover. I had to extract it and then re-thread that...
  13. Ezekiel81923

    Building Otto

    Purchased a new set of Rennforms and Federal 595 RS-Pro's but won't see them before it's time to put the winters on so they'll be stored safely until spring. Seemed easier to get a whole set delivered to my door mounted, balanced, and ceramic coated since I need all new tires anyway. I'll keep...
  14. Ezekiel81923

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    That measurement is in there, if I'm understanding you correctly. The others, as I mentioned, are probably needless.
  15. Ezekiel81923

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    I took these measurements and some other unnecessary ones at all four corners best I could before doing my suspension. I kept them in my build thread for this very day. Based on the info I'd say it's roughly 14-3/8" Front-Driver: 26 1/4" fender to ground. 14 3/8" fender to hub. 12 1/8" hub...
  16. Ezekiel81923

    Auto Insurance Rate Increases

    I pay $725/yr for my 2019 with Geico. Philly area, 36 years old, sketchy record, drive a ton. My homeowners was recently jacked through the roof. Switched that to Geico as well and saved $700/yr on home and it reduced my auto $100 per year at the same time. I change insurance whenever it...
  17. Ezekiel81923

    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    I just meant if I could run E and keep the is20 I would. But upgrading to an is38 on 93 seems like a waste if I can just go hybrid, until you consider the fueling predicament.
  18. Ezekiel81923

    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    If only I lived closer to E
  19. Ezekiel81923

    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Is running a Vortex on 93 with just a HPFP still chill? Been off the forum for a while and it is looking like we are getting away from that when running hybrids and going to LPFP + MPI instead but I am really not that interested in doing all of that.
  20. Ezekiel81923

    Extended Warranty Coverage: Fuel Tank Suction Jet Pump

    Got one as well. Adding it to the pile.