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    Reverse Camera Intermittent - Help?

    Hoping one of you electrical gurus can get me going in the right direction here... Lately my reverse camera has been functioning intermittently. I'd say it works fine about 70% of the time, other times it just does not function at all. When it doesn't work, I do not hear the rear emblem flip up...

    SOLD - FS: aerofabb rear diffuser - MK7 GTI

    Used for about one year, a little dirty but otherwise very good condition. Only fits MK7 GTI. Includes all hardware and instructions. $250 plus shipping SOLD!

    FS: MIB1 / MIB2 parts

    I have a bunch of random MIB 1 / MIB 2 parts for sale on ebay. link is below (sorry if not allowed), if any forum members want them PM me and I will give you a deal. 8" matte display w/nav, 5G0919606. does not power on, not...

    FS: BFI dogbone insert

    Brand new, never used BFI stage 1 dogbone insert. Comes with hardware SOLD Edit: this is a V1 insert

    FS: ECS climate control rings

    Knobbed billet aluminum climate control rings. These snap firmly over the stock controls. $30 shipped. SOLD Product link

    FS: TIP, TMD, turbo inlet hose, turbo outlet pipe

    EVERYTHING IS SOLD BMS Turbo muffler delete - $50 SOLD BMS Turbo inlet pipe - $50 SOLD ECS silicone turbo inlet hose - $50 SOLD ECS turbo outlet pipes* - $120 SOLD *This has some wear marks (see pics) because it didn't fit well with the R600 intake. Does not impact performance in any...

    FS: JB4 w/Bluetooth and AFR Harness

    Selling a used JB4 with Bluetooth connector and additional AFR harness so you don't have to tap any wires. Works perfectly, never had any connectivity issues with the bluetooth adapter. Will post pictures tomorrow. SOLD Edit: This is the "Group 2" version (GTI)

    R8 steering wheel buttons

    I've started to see these R8 style modified MK7 steering wheels pop up for sale on AliExpress. Anyone else seen this before? Curious how the install goes and the function of the two smaller buttons. US $656 | R8 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel For FIT VW Golf 7/GTI Golf R MK7 Passat Polo GTI...

    Steering Angle Basic Settings - HELP!

    So long story short I currently have a lot of faults due to complications of installing an AID with my retro-fitted ACC... ACC should be working again once I have it reactivated, but there are some other ongoing issues... Notably, faults for Steering angle sensor - no basic setting. I have...
  10. KyACRASH

    FS: Boomba Shirt Shift Transmission adapter

    Literally just bought this off the forum but didn't realize it won't work with the OEM short shifter that I have ( I'm dumb). Previous owner said it was hardly used, and it looks that way. SOLD Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. KyACRASH

    FS:. eMMOTION Lowering Springs

    These provide a nice ~1" drop and play nicely with the factory dampers. Used for maybe 15k miles, in great shape. SOLD Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  12. KyACRASH

    Euro light switch (Chinese)

    Lightly used Euro switch with auto function for sale. This is a Chinese replica, functions the same as OEM but sits slightly tilted in the dash. Otherwise all functions work normally (auto, fogs, rear fogs, etc...) SOLD! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  13. KyACRASH

    FS: deAuto Brake and Reverse LED's

    SOLD!! Selling a complete bright red Brake/Turn/Tail LED kit and bright white reverse LED's. Had them both on my car for less than a year before I splurged on euro tails. Brakes - $50 shipped Reverse - $30 shipped If you buy them both I'll throw in a 42mm bright white trunk LED light. Not...
  14. KyACRASH

    Coding Help Needed - Module 55 is gone!

    Hello all, I'm looking for some help... I am in the process of retrofitting ACC on my 2015 NAR GTI. All equipment is installed and the radar was activated remotely. Currently it isn't working because I think calibration, but that is a separate issue. After installing the equipment I received...
  15. KyACRASH

    KyA CRASH's Reflex Silver 2015 GTI SE

    2015 Reflex Silver GTI SE placeholder
  16. KyACRASH

    Unitronic Downpipe parts question

    Ordered a Unitronic Downpipe from ModdedEuros a few weeks back. Going to install it tomorrow, but I just inventoried it and think j something's off... My parts do not look like anything I've seen online. There is no packing slip, just "UH026-EX2" etched on the pipe. Do I have the wrong parts...
  17. KyACRASH

    FS: Brand New Spulen Spacer Kit - 10MM and 15MM

    Purchased this last week on sale from USP...since then I have decided to buy aftermarket wheels and tires instead. I can return to USP for credit but would rather sell for cash. If no takers by end of the day on Thursday 11 Oct I will return to USP. 10MM front, 15MM rear, with ball seat...