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    WTB: (1) 18x7.5” Audi Peeler

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    WTB: (1) 18x7.5” Audi Peeler

    Due to a recent accident, I am in need to (1) replacement peeler in 18x7.5 et54. If you have one, please let me know. Thanks folks!
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    Bäsemödel: 1.8 TSi Project

    So far so good on my car! Water pump and then had to replace the turbo due to wastegate failure (around 80k) and I have had two different water ingress issues in the trunk and passenger door... other than that, no other issues. I need to do LCAs at some point soon... its all maintenance stuff...
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    Bäsemödel: 1.8 TSi Project

    ah that's very kind thank you! its been a really fun process and I have learned a ton and met so many cool people... I will say, I am getting some pretty horrendous peeling of my helix lights and front bumper... it doesn't look great at all... not a thing I want to spend money on but as soon as...
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    Bäsemödel: 1.8 TSi Project

    Hey everyone its been a real long time... my hobby attention has, over the years, found its way towards other things so modding efforts have given way to more maintenance efforts... car has been, until this week, great and is about to hit 140k... I just had to take it in for the water pump and...
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    Anyone is SEPA have VCDS that can help a guy out?

    In Lancaster PA specifically… I believe I have a wheel speed sensor that has failed, just need a vagcom cable to scan… and yes I will buy one after this… thanks very much!
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    FS: MK7 Golf Leatherette Seats

    Bumps Bumpterton
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    FS: MK7 Golf Leatherette Seats

    hey its been awhile! i want these out of my basement! make me an offer for some or all of these seats!
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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    the OA on netflix was pretty amazing, if you havent watched Stranger Things, it is my opinion that you are missing out on something great... in the total opposite direction, the show Letterkenny is hilarious and a current favorite...
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    The Model 3 ruined my life

    I too test drove a 3 (i have no intentions of buying one but there was a test drive being hosted in my area) and it was amazing... only you can decide if you want to be on the bleeding edge of the EV world or if you want to wait until things are more "stable". Whats the lead time on a model 3...
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    Anyone like blues (music)?

    love me some blues... listen to the new KWS record yet?
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    WTB - Drivers side Outer Euro Cherry LED Taillight

    i have a set of 3/4 working taillights. Looking for the outer drivers side housing to complete the set. Looking for the cherry, un-tinted version. If you have a partial set, i'd be interested in purchasing the outer drivers side. Thanks!
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    OEM GTI PP Rear Sway Bar w/OEM end links

    Looking to sell a PP RSB w/OEM end links and mounting brackets. This is a great upgrade for a TSI car and will help improve the cornering experience when compared to the stock TSI sway bar. End links, mounts and bar itself are in good condition with no known issues. The paint may have a few...
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    FS: 15 Lyon Wheels SE PA

    Selling a set of 15" Lyon wheels and Continental Pro Contact tires with 30% remaining tread. Wheels are in great condition, no bends or curb marks. I also have the OEM caps I will include. Feel free to ask any questions. $100
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    Seat Swap Walk Thru

    Hey folks! I recently swapped leatherette seats for clark plaid seats from a GTI and I wanted to share my experience. I cannot be responsible for whatever happens to your car; positive or negative. Here was my process: 1 - Identity connectors on the donor car seats Each front seat should...
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    No base Golf?

    The crazy thing is if the golf sat up 6” more, it would be the go to compact SUV...
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    FS: MK7 Golf Leatherette Seats

    Selling front and rear seats from a 15 Golf TSI 4 door. Seats are in very good condition. Drivers seat is in good condition with a few wear marks on the outward facing bolster and one on the seat bottom. All other seats are mint; no smoking, kids or pets. Cleaned with Chemical Guys interior...
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    Cruise Turning Off, Replaced by Exclamation

    Odd issue here... in the last few days, ive started to experience CC shutting itself off in the middle of operation and a small symbol with the CC logo and an exclamation mark will appear where the formally bold CC logo was. It doesnt happen following any operations of buttons or the stalk...
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    New codes after a pull...

    Hey folks... did a flat out run this morning and noticed two codes pop up when scanning w the JB4. No CEL on but I just thought these were curious... P1101 - MAF out of range (this one doesnt seem like a big deal) P0362 - Ignition Coil L Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction Possible the...