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    WTB: (1) 18x7.5” Audi Peeler

    Due to a recent accident, I am in need to (1) replacement peeler in 18x7.5 et54. If you have one, please let me know. Thanks folks!
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    Anyone is SEPA have VCDS that can help a guy out?

    In Lancaster PA specifically… I believe I have a wheel speed sensor that has failed, just need a vagcom cable to scan… and yes I will buy one after this… thanks very much!
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    WTB - Drivers side Outer Euro Cherry LED Taillight

    i have a set of 3/4 working taillights. Looking for the outer drivers side housing to complete the set. Looking for the cherry, un-tinted version. If you have a partial set, i'd be interested in purchasing the outer drivers side. Thanks!
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    OEM GTI PP Rear Sway Bar w/OEM end links

    Looking to sell a PP RSB w/OEM end links and mounting brackets. This is a great upgrade for a TSI car and will help improve the cornering experience when compared to the stock TSI sway bar. End links, mounts and bar itself are in good condition with no known issues. The paint may have a few...
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    FS: 15 Lyon Wheels SE PA

    Selling a set of 15" Lyon wheels and Continental Pro Contact tires with 30% remaining tread. Wheels are in great condition, no bends or curb marks. I also have the OEM caps I will include. Feel free to ask any questions. $100
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    Seat Swap Walk Thru

    Hey folks! I recently swapped leatherette seats for clark plaid seats from a GTI and I wanted to share my experience. I cannot be responsible for whatever happens to your car; positive or negative. Here was my process: 1 - Identity connectors on the donor car seats Each front seat should...
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    FS: MK7 Golf Leatherette Seats

    Selling front and rear seats from a 15 Golf TSI 4 door. Seats are in very good condition. Drivers seat is in good condition with a few wear marks on the outward facing bolster and one on the seat bottom. All other seats are mint; no smoking, kids or pets. Cleaned with Chemical Guys interior...
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    Cruise Turning Off, Replaced by Exclamation

    Odd issue here... in the last few days, ive started to experience CC shutting itself off in the middle of operation and a small symbol with the CC logo and an exclamation mark will appear where the formally bold CC logo was. It doesnt happen following any operations of buttons or the stalk...
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    New codes after a pull...

    Hey folks... did a flat out run this morning and noticed two codes pop up when scanning w the JB4. No CEL on but I just thought these were curious... P1101 - MAF out of range (this one doesnt seem like a big deal) P0362 - Ignition Coil L Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction Possible the...
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    Can you help me figure what is causing these sounds??

    Hey folks! I need you to help me solve two separate suspension noises if you can! First: This started happening in the last few weeks. Only happens on the right side when the wheel is at 80% lock to the right. I can feel the main sound in the brake pedal which is interesting... it gets...
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    All Chinese euro tails the same?

    Looking to get a set of the dark tinted LED tails for my car. As long as they work fine, I have no problem getting a chinese option. My question is are they all the same? Any brands/names to stay away from? Thanks!
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    Anyone have experience with Powerstop pads/rotors?

    Im looking to upgrade to the GTI 312mm brakes this winter and I was going to use Powerstop pads, specifically the Z16 pads, as well as rotors. Anyone have experience with using them? They seem to be well reviewed for other vehicles but i havent found any first hand accounts with the Mk7 platform...
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    Osram MK7 headlight housings - interested?

    I thought what they released for the MK6 looked awesome... was wondering if they would be doing the same for MK7 and indeed they are. Im sure they wont be cheap! MK6 version: I cant find a link for the MK7...
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    WTB: JB4 Bluetooth Module

    Hey folks, If you’ve have a Bluetooth module you’re looking to lose, I’d be happy to give you money in exchange for it. Thanks!
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    WTB: oem rear shock mounts

    If you’ve got them laying around the garrage because you switched to an aftermarket option, then I’d like to buy your stock (preferably low mileage) rear shock mount. Thanks!
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    If you go IS20 from an IS12, you also need...

    What are some of the additional pieces to think about when going IS20 on a 1.8T? Obviously, a tune or a JB4, while not completely necessary to get the power out of the bigger turbo. Turbo inlet pipe? Spark plugs? Intercooler? What pieces are nice to add and what are pieces that, when hitting...
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    1.8T - EPC/CEL no boost...

    UPDATE - 1.8T EPC/CEL no boost... My obd eleven wont connect To my phone right now for some dumb reason (of course at the moment I truly need it) so I can’t get any more detail than what they said at autozone until I go to the shop tomorrow... but basically, I think it’s a wastegate actuator...
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    ECS 7.5 Build This thing is nuts!!! who isnt spending countless dollars at ECS for a chance to win this!? The videos showing the parts installed are super high quality I just wish it was a full install video. The car looks awesome and whoever wins it is going to be one lucky SOB!! I...
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    The inside of my golf is extremely wet and I’m in panic mode...

    RESOLVED: The inside of my golf is extremely wet and I’m in panic mode... UPDATE: The issue was water getting past the seal for the speaker on the rear passenger side door. I used a thick bead of silicon to seal it and have been water free. I would almost recommend you do this in a...
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    best floor jack for the $$?

    tired of not having a real jack! Looking for something low profile and preferably 3 ton. what do you guys use? Trying to stay away from harbor freight unless they really are the best option... thx!