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    What's wrong with my Dynamic adaptive lights?

    Got a error message in my car today. Pops up when I start driving, not when I start the car. See picture. Translated into english it says: "Error: Dynamic adaptive lights" Seems like the adaptive mainlights works fine. It's the foglights who normaly lights up when I indicate and turn into a...
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    Rubber care ?

    Anyone knows if the rubbercare for the doors on VWs are silicon based or not? Trying to avoid getting squeaking noised :)
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    How to change battery in the key?

    Anyone have a DIY on this?
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    ACC stopped working

    The ACC on my car has stopped working a few times while I'm driving. The radar is clean so that is not the problem. Normaly it is working again after 30 minutes. Anyone else got this problem og got a clue what it can be? :)
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    Lost my license under the cup holder

    Lost my license under the sliding hatch that closes the room where you keep your coffee. Anyone know how to get under there and save it? Tryid loosing a couple of screews and remove some plastic parts but I just had to give it up before I broke something. It's a demo car that I borrowed...
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    My Golf TSi DSG , Oryx white & 18"Durban alloys

    Here is my Golf TSi which I got i end of february. It is original and I think I will keep it that way. Only thing I have done is to remove the "Bluemotion" emblem in the back :) The car have everything you could order exept alarm, sunroof and electric seats. I realy wanted electric seat with...
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    Tuning for the 140 hp TSi engine?

    Anyone heard about how and where this can be done? What about the waranty when you tune?
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    Exterior parts fitting

    My hood is not perfectly in center to the VW emblem. Also there is a difrense between the front bumper and the body on the car on the right side. About 3-4 millimeters. Anyone Else have bad bodyfitting on theire car? Going to the dealer with this, see what they can do on friday.
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    Sat nav question

    Do Discover pro (the 8") use SD card for navigation? Feel free to use the thread for other sat nav relatated question :-)
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    Best settings on the audiosystem?

    So far the biggest disepointment on my new Golf is the stock speakers. It is realy bad, maybe I am spoild comming from a BMW 3-series:-p Can't seem to get the settings right, bass and middletone on lowest possible and treble on the middle sounds best but that can't possibly be right? Any tips...
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    Safe engine cleaning?

    The 1.4 TSi engine is very open, so how can i wash it in a safe way? On my other car i use a presurewasher and slappe, Just like i do on the exterior:-)
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    How do you update the sat nav?

    In the summer they open a new bridge where i live so i have to update my sat nav. How do they do it on the golf, software update at the dealer?
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    Classic tail lights vers. LED tail lights?

    Getting my new mk7 next week and the taillights on that one looks like this: Is this the LED lights? If not, how do they look? Couldt find anything when i searced on Google.