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  1. Mooseman

    034 vs BFI Stage 1 Dogbone inserts

    I bought my DSG Mk7 R back in November, and I've had about 10,000 miles with it since then. One of the first things I did after flashing the IE Stage 1 tune was install to install the full BFI Stage 1 Mounting system. It was great for a while. The first thing I noticed was that idle vibration...
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    delete - posted in the wrong place
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    Optimal Stage 2 Parts List

    I'm considering going to Stage 2 on my 2016 R. I'm currently running IE Stage 1 high torque ECU tune along with their DSG tune. In terms of modifications I've made so far: Wagner FMIC 034 Turbo Inlet Pipe K&N high flow filter in the stock intake BFI stage 1 mounts, and dogbone I need help...
  5. Mooseman

    California Legal Intercooler (Mk7)?

    I've been scouring the web and I haven't been able to find a definitive answer on if upgraded intercoolers are legal in California. I asked a few auto-parts dealers and got two answers as well: EQT: Intercoolers don't need CARB compliance because they sit ahead of the engine. 034: There are...