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  1. RevoGLI

    The Off-Topic Chat Thread

    i know. they should change this. my avatar isn't working wtf
  2. RevoGLI

    The Off-Topic Chat Thread

    this place is hella dead
  3. RevoGLI

    Who here owns an MKV?

    ban ALL the chris/cody's!
  4. RevoGLI

    The Off-Topic Chat Thread

    where is my avatar you fools?
  5. RevoGLI

    The Off-Topic Chat Thread

    I'm going to be a golfmk7 og one day :D
  6. RevoGLI

    The Off-Topic Chat Thread

    that's dumb also where is my avatar?
  7. RevoGLI

    Who here owns an MKV?

    Yup '06 FSI
  8. RevoGLI

    The Off-Topic Chat Thread

    where's my golfmkv homies at?
  9. RevoGLI

    Minor needed...

    ...20 credits of it to pair with my major. I was with my major advisor and it turns out that for a BS I do need to minor in something. And also as it turns out after completing my core courses I'll be exactly 20 credits shy. Funny how these things work out. I need ideas for a minor...
  10. RevoGLI

    Netgear Router Help/Service Blocking

    I probably shouldn't be posting this on the web, but I doubt my roommate actually goes anywhere besides porn n shit. I am doing a series of "social experiments" on my roommate for the next quarter, and the first part consists of "Ivan Pavlov" style fun. I haven't picked exactly what key phrase...
  11. RevoGLI

    Xbox Live Help

    So my Gold account expires on the 21st and I decided to go ahead and update it. Now my current card on account has expired as well so I went ahead an tried to add a different card on file, but that didn't work, so I had to do it through the 360's dashboard. Now on the XboxLive account thing...
  12. RevoGLI

    Need Topics: what grinds your gears?

    So I'm doing another paper for an English class, basically polishing the elements of the argument style of our choice, and I need a topic. The guidelines state that I don't have to nessecarly agree with the claim that I will choose, I just have to prove that I can argue effectively within the...
  13. RevoGLI

    Poker help, game imminent soon

    So I just got invited to my new roommates family poker night for a "meet and greet", and I accidently agreed to go. I've played a few games and can hold my own, but I've been informed that these guys are good. Although they "don't take it seriously", I'm quite sure they actually do. In lo of...
  14. RevoGLI

    University Students: MyITLab Review

    For those of us currently at school enrolled at a university: do any of you use the program "MyITLab", or are about to? MyITLab is by far the worst software/user interface program to date. Having used it for two quarters, I am BEYOND fed up. I would like to keep this professional, but fuck...
  15. RevoGLI

    iPhone headphones are iGay

    So this is for the iPhone mkv-er's: I have a 3GS which I got in December to replace my old original iPhone. I've noticed that whenever I have my phone in my pocket and I am walking an listening to music, I hear this popping and crackling sound with each step. However, when I hold it, it...
  16. RevoGLI

    Mac Pro, Apps keep deleting themselves, WTF?

    So this is geared to all those people with Macs here: Recently, every time I load my 2007 Macbook Pro, at least one App (Word, Safari, iTunes, etc) removes itself from that bottom bar. I have to manually go into "Finder" and drag-and-drop it into the bottom App bar. Now every time I do that...