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    Low pressure fuel issues

    Would like to know if someone here has experience with the mk7 fueling system... im having problems with my low pressure in tank pump... the requirement is 7bar under wot... mine drops to as low as 2 bar a.... but only sometimes... not always... as soon as this happens the high fuel presure also...
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    Bluetooth Android OBD Dongle/Adaptor

    Hi guys I know there are these cheap Bluetooth OBD readers on the market that connect with your android phone so you download the app and off you go: and you can read code etc from your android phone. What I want to know if there is a better quality and more reliable unit available with a...
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    Best Slick or Semi Slick size for Mk7? Help please

    Hi guys, im looking for some advice here.. what size slick would you recomend for drag racing on the track with track bite. I'm looking to do some 1/4 mile runs and this 400hp IS38 eats tires for breakfast, im looking for a proper drag slick or semi slick but not sure what is the best size, i...
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    My IS38 Setup making almost 400HP on 93

    My IS38 Setup making almost 400HP on 95 ROW pump gas Hi guys. Just wanted to share my build. 2015 Mk7 GTI (Locked ecu btw) waited long for this problem to get sorted. Hardware: OEM IS38 Turbo 84mm reducing to 76mm Catles Downpipe Resonator delete RGM Carbon Fibre intake ..(locally made in...
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    Turbo Turbine overspeed fault.

    I know theres a few guys who got this code and it happened to me while we were busy developing a custom file for my car. I would like to know if the turbo have a physical speed sensor on it or does the ecu use the boost sensor to triger this fualt??
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    Would like to know if anyone on this forum have done some proper data logging with vcds on a IS38 GTi that is tuned.. APR or whatever tune you are running. With proper I mean boost, timing, fueling/afr etc
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    Leaded Fuel.. what damage can it cause??

    Hi, if anyone have valueable information on leaded fuel I need some help here. I know that our cars owner manaul says a big NO to Leaded fuels but I would like to know if this is only because of the catalytic converter? So what I basicly want to know if there is other parts that will also be...
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    TTE525R Turbo upgrade. Who is getting this 540+ BHP turbo

    :D witch of you guys saw this? Brand new turbo uprgrade released by The Turbo Engineers. Looks pretty awsome. I see they have upgrade the shaft thickness also.
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    Anyone that have the IS38 Tune from APR? Comments?

    Would like to know if anyone have any coments about the IS38 tune with the R turbo? What other mods are you runnig? How fast is the car actually and does the power seems to be what they say it is?
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    2015/2016 Locked ECU's how much longer??

    Anyone have news about when this issue wil by sorted out?? Its a real pain in the ass. If GIAC can do it why can big Tuning Companies like APR etc still not have a sulution? And also the Flash tool makers like CMD and AlienTech? We were told months ago the issue wil be sorted within a few weeks...
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    2015/2016 Torque Limiter/Launch Problems

    Has anyone figured out a way to disable or bypass that stuped torque limiter with VCDS??:mad::mad: The car launches very bad. I tried pulling the ABS fuse. it seems to work 100% but car goes into limb and doesn't wana engage launch after a few KMs.
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    Tuners!! Who is able to tune the latest 2015 Revision MK7 GTi, R S3 etc..????

    So Recently here in SA we also discovered the that the newest 2015 Mk7 GTis and R ecu's are locked or something... no one is able to do Software upgrades.. We have been told that the comp that supply the tuning tools are working on the issue. Does anyone know anything or have any news about it...