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  1. Acadia18

    The Secret Santa 2022 Thread!

    The 2021 thread. I was going to wait until next week, but have a had a few people ask, so just making the thread now for 2022! The rules are simple: 1. PM me your home address by midnight, Wednesday, November 30th. Your forum name will be the contact on the shipping address. If you PM me your...
  2. Acadia18

    VW Getting Rid Of Capacitive Buttons On Steering Wheels - I Hope You're All Happy...
  3. Acadia18

    Indoor Karting 10/15

    Anyone wanna race go-karts on 10/15? In Wrentham, MA. Don't think we've decided on a time yet. After some cutthroat racing, they have a Thirsty Beaver pub right there, or I'm sure we can find a local brewery. Come hang out with me, @dtfd...
  4. Acadia18

    WTB: Cheap OEM VW Wheels w/ Tires around RI/MA/CT

    Looking for a set of OEM VW wheels with tires. At some point, whether it be soon or later, the R will be traded in. And when that happens, I don't want to do it with RSE10's and good DWS06's on it. So figure can look now, and store them if necessary. Since this solely for trade in purposes...
  5. Acadia18

    FS: A Vintage Curated Collection Of 28 Awsome POGS, Circa 1994

    This physically pains me to do, but I think it's time. With shifting priorities in life, I can no longer give this awsome collection of POGS the love and attention it deserves. I would much rather it find a new home, one that will love and cherish it for another 30 years. This collection was...
  6. Acadia18

    FS RI: WeatherTech Rain Guards & Maxton MK7 GTI Rear Diffuser

    Pickup only for both items, don't feel like shipping them. Sorry. A set of WeatherTech Rain Guards. These guys. Good condition. Rears initially had 3M tape on them, but I ran them without the tape for most of their life without issue. $50 picked up. A Maxton rear diffuser with side...
  7. Acadia18

    SOLD: BFI Dogbone Insert Stage 1- Version 2 - $25 Shipped

    This guy. Didn't verify subframe bushing. Bought wrong one. Unused. $25 shipped in the US. SOLD
  8. Acadia18

    SOLD: Set of 23x Black McGard Ball Seat Lugs

    Going stud conversion. I thought I already was a stud (at least, according to my wife), but figured it was time. $70 shipped in the US 28.1mm shank length. Had these less than a year. Has 20 used lugs (but still in good condition), and 3 unused spares. These usually go for $130 - $150 a set.
  9. Acadia18

    SOLD: Silver 19" Pretoria Wheels w/ Hankook Kinergy GT Tires

    SOLD $1,200 picked up. Willing to meet around RI\MA\CT. Absolutely will not ship. Not in a rush to sell, don't mind hanging on to these if nobody wants them. These were on the R when I got them. Faces of the wheels are in great condition. There is the tiniest bit of rash in one spot on wheel 3...
  10. Acadia18

    Is there an OE spec, non-OEM spring available?

    Since the R is approaching 70k miles, sometime later this year I'll probably replace the suspension on it. And when doing so, I'm really not interesting in changing the ride height or quality. Bilstein has the B4 Damptronic shocks, which are an OE spec replacement (without paying OEM prices)...
  11. Acadia18

    Free-ish in RI: 2x 5 gal cans, 1 gal can, ~7 gallons of E85

    This was from when I was putting a gallon of E85 in my GTI to curb some knock. Now it's just sitting in my garage, wouldn't mind it going somewhere where it'll get some use. 2x Scepter 5 Gal. Smart Control Gas Cans 1x GarageBoss 1 Gal Gas Can (handy to keep in the car) ~7 to 8 gallons of E85...
  12. Acadia18

    RPM dropping very low in 2nd and DSG bouncing between gear on deceleration/stopping.

    So, have come across the first abnormality in the R. When I'm deaccelerating and coming to a stop, and reach the bottom of 2nd gear, before the car goes down to 1st, the car drops down in RPMs, down to the ~500 mark (lowest I've seen was 498), drops the gear down for a split second, then...
  13. Acadia18

    Coding Help Please - MK7 R Helix Euro LED Tails - Passenger Running Light Not Coming On

    Hey guys, looking for a little help. I installed the Helix Euro LED Tail on my R today that I had on my GTI. Ran the harness, hooked everything up, and used the same one-touch OBD11 app to do the coding that I did with my GTI. The results is that everything is working, except for just the...
  14. Acadia18

    Oil Pressure Regulator Valve P/N

    I have a pretty persistent P164E Oil Pressure Regulation Valve error on my car. Not much info out there on it, this thread from @wasbaggedonce, but no real resolution, he drove with it for a year and a half without issue. Since the valve looks to be cheap enough, and I'm doing an oil change...
  15. Acadia18

    BOUGHT: MK7 R Resonator Delete

    Looking for a resonator delete pipe for an MK7 R. Figured I'd try to find one off someone before I buy a new one. Bought a new one.
  16. Acadia18

    SOLD: Dragy

    Dragy for sale. $120 shipped. SOLD I bought it from @Escape Hatch and never used it because I lost my testicles and my mind and parted out my GTI. Passing it along. I can post some pics later, but it looks brand new.
  17. Acadia18

    SOLD: EZ Retrofit Chinese Digital Dash, Piano Black Trim Pack

    EZ Retrofit Chinese Digital Dash - $325 local or + Shipping SOLD This is the unit. In great condition. Nothing wrong with it. A good alternative to the OEM if you want the digital dash look but don't want to deal with the hassle of coding and whatnot. Plus it's much cheaper. Has all the...
  18. Acadia18

    SOLD: Another EQT Vortex Standard

    All Sold Yup. Moving on. For those that haven't been following my build log, the basic premises is the Vortex doesn't fit my driving style, and I'm moving to something AWD. EQT Vortex Standard w/ Calibrated Wastegate - $1,500 plus shipping if not local - On hold till Sat 2/12 SOLD I bought...
  19. Acadia18

    SOLD: Gold Rotiform Six 18x8.5 Wheels w/ Like New DWS06+

    Have these in my garage, listing for a friend. Set of Gold Rotiform Six wheels, 18x8.5. Less than a full year on them. Wheels are in great condition. Cleaning them up, I noticed 3 small marks, each on a separate wheel. Like, small. I didn't even notice them on the first wipe down. Pics below...
  20. Acadia18

    FS: The "Spice Up Your Rear!" Upgrade Package

    Update - Spoiler was grabbed, nothing else available. UPDATE - Spoiler pending for option 1 to @dtfd The diffuser was sold separately, and is no longer available. The Rennwagen spoiler is still available, with two options: Option 1: You come get it from my garage in Warwick, RI. You will...