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    '18 Cadiz and Continental ContiSport

    Sized down for winter and am sticking with one set of rims. Standard '18 OEM Cadiz and ContiSport setup for sale. Great condition OEM rims. No major scuffs, just some dirt on them (sorry, not going to detail my rims for craigslist pictures). Wrapped with Continental ContiSport high-performance...
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    Winter Tire Setup + Non OEM Brake Experiences

    Hey all, New to the Golf R community. Drove a '98 Saab 900s (one of the last ever made in Sweden), a '04 330xi, and a 2018 Outback - which I hated and just traded in for a 2016 Golf R, 31,000 miles, built 05/2015. Love it. Though I'm new the forum, I did search and didn't find this, so here...