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    APR stage 1 tune accidentally stacked on top of Neuspeed Power Module

    Hey guys! Been awhile since I’ve posted (have an Alltrack instead of a GTI instead of a Sportwagen now!). Wondering if anyone might be able to help me with this situation: I just picked up my 2017 VW Alltrack from precision Motorworks in Santa Clara and was Alarmed to find that they had...
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    DeAutoKey d3s 5500k HID bulbs like new!

    These bulbs will get rid of the yellow in your main headlights and replace it with a much whiter shade similar to daylight! They are like like new in the box and have been tested and work perfectly. Asking $75 shipped OBO
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    APR low torque tune vs UM blue file

    I'm trying to to decide between these two ECU tunes for my GTI, anyone have any input on which one is a better low torque tune? I'm looking for the smoothest power delivery, preferably with more of a hp increase and less of a torque increase. I really want to try the UM blue file but I can't...
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    Anyone with a red golf/GTI/R want to swap their mirror caps for my carbon fiber ones?

    Been thinking about vinyl wrapping my mirror caps red when it dawned on me why not just use the mirror caps from a red GTI? Lol would anyone be interested in swapping with me? I have the USP Motorsports pair...
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    Locking rear seat back latch?

    Anyone know if there's such a thing as a locking rear seat back latch? My car got broken into last night and for the 2nd time the thiefs were easily able to lower the seat backs, exposing everything in my trunk. Would be great if I could somehow lock these.
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    Plastic rear quarter window "glass"?

    Got my window smashed yet again last night in one of the worst cities in the SF bay to street park -- Oakland, CA. Was wondering if there is such a thing as clear plastic (plexiglass?) replacement glass? Obviously such a material shouldn't be used for windshields, all moving windows etc, but...
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    Akebono front pads part # for PP GTI?

    I can't seem to find the right pad for a PP GTI for the front rotors. Do they only make the right ones for the rear?
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    Effect of changing front brake pads only on XDS?

    I'm thinking about upgrading my brake pads on my PP GTI and was wondering what will happen if I only upgrade the front? Normally I feel like it wouldn't really be a big problem, however having never owned a car with XDS before, I'm wondering how it will affect it's performance. Will the new...
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    Performance Brake Pads with the least dust?

    Not sure if maybe it's just my particular 2017 GTI's OEM pads that are like this, but I'm getting a ton of dust up front that builds up insanely quickly — I'm talking like cleaning my wheels at the carwash, driving 15 minutes home, and finding them all brown again. I'm looking for some pads...
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    OBDEleven no longer working with wifi?

    For months I've been using my OBDeleven with an unactivated android phone (I'm a iPhone user) using wifi. While a lot of the time I did have connectivity issues, ever now and then it would still work. All of a sudden in the past couple of weeks, no matter what I do, I cannot get it to connect...
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    European Blind Spot (Aspherical) Mirror Set

    Anyone try these yet? Thinking of taking the plunge but I'm curious how well they work…
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    Ok to engine brake on a cold start?

    I just moved to a hilly area where from the moment I turn on my car, I need to descend down several rather steep roads, requiring engine braking (don't want to ride my brakes). Obviously I know better than to rev up the engine while it's cold, however is it bad to COAST at high RPMs (4000-5000)...
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    OBD11 blind spot indicators brightness adjustment

    Thought I would share that I finally figured out how to adjust the brightness of the blind spot indicator via VCDS! Go to 09 central electronics --> adaptations --> turn signal control --> Warnblinktastersuchbeleuchtung Grundwert. Here you'll see a percentage value controlling the intensity of...
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    FS: OEM 18x7.5" Austin wheelset w/Sumitomo HTR Z III 215/35 tires (Northern CA)

    Taken off of my 2017 GTI after less than a month of use. The rims are in great condition other than some light cosmetic wear (see photos below). These tires have less than 2000 miles on them (tread still has over 90% depth) and weigh in at only 20 lbs each. Asking $600 OBO. Individual photo...
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    Issue with Bluetooth Audio & iPhone 6

    Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but whenever I connect my iPhone 6 via bluetooth, it automatically plays the first song alphabetically from my Music (iTunes) app, regardless of what song was playing before (or if I even was playing music — what if I don't want to hear any music???)...
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    Any know if these center caps fit Enkei Fujin wheels? It's not the one that comes with the wheel — BUT they have similar tabs as the original one:
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    What matters more: wheel & tire weight or overall diameter?

    After doing quite a bit of research, it seems like there are two schools of thought regarding this debate. I'm curious to know — which makes a bigger difference in acceleration, running lighter wheels or reducing your overall tire circumference? (i.e. lowering your gearing) I've tried both at...
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    Can't hear GPS directions from my phone via Bluetooth unless a song is playing

    This has been a long running problem for me -- when I use Apple maps, google maps, or Waze on my iPhone, I cannot hear any of the directions (my phone is connected via Bluetooth) UNLESS I press "play" on the infotainment screen, which plays a random song from the music app on my phone. How do I...
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    Anyone looking to increase front wheel traction? (or fix reverse rake)

    Just lowered the price on these! Will also consider best offers as I really need to blow these out. The stiffer spring rate will help keep the weight of your car from shifting to the rear when accelerating hard (which makes the front get light causing wheel slippage) reducing loss of traction...
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    FS: Tiguan rear springs (pair) by Suplex Germany (excellent condition)

    Excellent condition made by Suplex Germany to match the OEM Tiguan rear springs. Only used for a few months then taken off and stored indoors. Will fit any mk7 golf (I've used them on a sportwagen and a GTI). Perfect for anyone with reverse rake looking to lift the rear an inch or two, as...