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    Top gear A45 vs Focus RS vs R

    R fairs not as bad as you might think, though tbf I am looking forward to see what increases in performance the R will have against these newer motors in the coming years...
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    What is your occupation?

    Probs need to obfuscate more, a dead giveaway ;)
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    What car does your partner drive?

    Mrs Arkarma drive me round the bloody twist, when shes not doing that she's driving a 2010 Fiesta Titatanum into all manner of stationary objects ! Luckilly she doesn't like my car :)
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    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    Ah mine was a Rover 25 ZR, onlt did it 7 years ago, not that I'm really young, just a late starter :D
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    PC build and anti-static straps?.....

    I've been building PC's for about 20 years now and I hardly ever wore an ESD strap, mind you then again I wouldnt pick up a RAM chip letting my thum or finger touch the chips, only from the sides of the circuit board and the CPU by touching the edges, never the pins (or action side now) of the...
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    What hobbies do you have

    Computer gaming, did play Battle field 4 for a long while until EA dropped the ball with Battlefield hardline, now playing minecraft while waiting for a decent shooter to play (PC btw).
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    which watch do you wear?

    This is mine, love the solar power never replace a battery aspect of it, also the carbon detailing is cool...
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    Park pilot beeps every gear change

    Park pilot beeps every gear change (Update fixed!) Disgruntled of Devon here, just picked up my new R but have an issue. If I change up gears when driving normally the park pilot beeps and then displays a message on the screen 'ok to pull out, look around you', if I leave my foot on the clutch...
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    What is your occupation?

    Not at all m8, we all gotta job to do, yours is to badger guys like me for completion to a date, mine is to get the project plan implimented to target while negotiating real world obstacles thrown at us :)
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    What is your occupation?

    Windows Server Specialist II
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    Hi from Devon!

    HI All, Just found this forum and thought good to reg up, intresting reading others experiences with your dubs... Currently driving a Golf Mk6 Metallic Blue GTD, but have just placed an order with my local dealer for a Black Golf R. Cant wait! :D