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    Rear Discs, pads & Backplates

    Our 2 year old 36k mile GTD's rear brake discs are in a very poor state visually - I wondered whether anyone else had suffered the same issue? The disc face which the pad contacts is smooth & there isn't a lip yet the face is brown with what i suspect is rust and I believe it is from poor...
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    "Inspection Service"

    Hi all, So my GTD is showing the countdown on the MFD to it's Inspection service. The car will be 2 years old in July and has around 27,000 miles on clock. I've been quoted £329.00 by dealer for it, when I asked what the car got at this service I was told oil, oil filter, pollen filter and if...
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    Heater fan intensity question.

    Hi all, In the heater menu when I adjust the intensity from low to medium and medium to high should I notice the difference in output as I select each option?? The car is constantly fogged up inside just now and pressing the 'max' button for demisting the windscreen certainly diverts the air...
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    Corroded Alloy Wheels

    Hi, interested to know if anyone has any success in getting a new set of wheels for their car under warranty? I took the wheels off over the weekend so that I could properly clean and wax them, something I try to do every 3 months or so, and as I was cleaning the back of the wheel spokes a lot...
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    GTD Insurance

    Afternoon all, renewal for our comprehensive insurance has come through the door today from VW Insurance and it's up £60 odd from last year to just over £300. Where do other owners have their cars insured? It's a PITA changing insurer's but I ain't paying that much more after another, touches...
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    Paintwork staining from mirrors?

    Has anyone else experienced staining of the paintwork coming from the mirrors of their car? Mine is doing this continually, a run mark down the door from the underside of the mirrors, it looks like a dirty/rusty water mark but require's a cutting polish to remove :confused: Is there anything...
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    10,000 mile oil service cost.

    Hi, For the past week our car has been showing a request for an oil change being due so today I phoned the local dealer for a price to do this. They phoned back an hour later to inform me that it would cost me £179.00 :eek: Is this what everyone else is paying? This is my first vw in a long...
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    Coolant loss?

    Just wondered whether anyone else is having to top up coolant in their cars? My GTD has gone through a litre in 7500 miles, car is garaged and shows no signs of leaks on garage floor. No signs of leak into the cabin but the windows mist up the instant the heater is turned down low or off...
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    Cooling Fan Running Excessively?

    Hi all, My GTD has developed yet another "quirk" :rolleyes: where the cooling fan seems, to me, to run far too much and I wondered whether anyone else had the same thing? Numerous times now I find that when I stop the car the cooling fans are running. It did it again tonight after a 18 mile...
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    What did you own before your Mk7?

    Hi Everyone, I'm interested to know what cars you owned prior to getting your Mk7 Golf's? I didn't own a Volkswagen before getting my GTD and unfortunately I am massively disappointed by the whole Vw experience so far :( I notice many happy owners here and wondered which manufacturers/models...