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    Fuel Cover Locked

    Good Evening All, On Saturday I went to fill up my 2015 (Sep 2015) VW Golf GTD however the fuel cover wouldn't open. I've spent time trying to get it open but it doesn't seem to move irrespective of what I do! I've seen a few thread about shaving off a section however how do you get it open...
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    Starting Issue 2015 GTD

    Good Afternoon Guys, I think I have mentioned about my starting issues on my 2015 VW Golf GTD before. In short it does the following: Please note within the clip the "turning over" period is relatively short, it sometimes turnover for as long as up to 5 seconds...
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    Oil & Coolant

    Good Afternoon All, Without any luck I have searched the forum and unable to confirm what oil and coolant my 2015 (65 plate) VW Golf GTD takes. I am off on a European road trip in June and wanted to have some just in case. Thanks in advance. Tom
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    New Windscreen Fitted

    Good Afternoon All, I own a 2015 VW Golf GTD with the Winter Pack, which got a stone chip which turned into a crack over the weekend and therefore had a new windscreen fitted today. The guy has just finished but to me the rain sensor part looks wrong. I was advised it has always looked like...
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    Services on Mk7 GTD

    Good Morning All, I own a 2015 (65 plate) VW Golf GTD which has covered around 2,500 miles but unlike my old TT I'm unable to see when he service is due? (on the TT i had a count down type clock) The main reason I ask is that I'm looking at going to Europe in the summer and will be covering...
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    2015 Golf GTD - Clutch Smell

    Good Afternoon All, I've a 2015 (65 plate) Golf GTD which I've owned from new, October 2015. Its been perfect so far, but recently I've had a clutch smell after I've parked the car up. After the first time I noticed it i just assumed I was dragging the clutch but I today I was very careful...
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    How smoky should my GTD be?

    Good Afternoon All, I've had my GTD a three weeks now and yesterday I was the first time I've actually put my foot down and it was ridiculously smoky. I then waited a while and thought it may just be the fact I've not put my foot down before but I did it for a second time and it was just as...
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    My new GTD, interesting...

    Good Afternoon All, After owning an Audi TT for just under 4 years, I took delivery of my new 65 plate GTD last Thursday and today has been the first day i've had in the car and have a few issues. I have a 2015 VW Golf GTD with the winter pack, no other options. Firstly when I selected to...