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    JB4 w/Bluetooth Kit for MK7 GTI - $375 shipped in the US.

    JB4 with bluetooth connection kit for MK7 GTI. I bought this when it came out! It's been great, and it will be great for you. +5 hp stickers included. You can email me at Install instructions from Burger.
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    FS: Injen intake

    ** SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ** I bought it for the awesome noise from a forum member here. More whoosh. Then, as I'm rumbling along carting my kids around a week later, I realize that I don't want more whoosh. Comes with all you need. In great shape. $100 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
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    WTB: Rear VW Emblem

    I broke my silver/chrome rear VW emblem when taking it off to install my black VW emblem. I don't like the black, so I'm trying to find a replacement silver/chrome one. This is for a 2016 MK7 GTI. If you've got a spare, I'd like to buy it off you. Cheers.
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    WTB: Catted DP

    I'm in Northern California, Davis. Can meet up in Bay Area, etc.
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    JB1 and JB4 data cable

    *** SOLD **** *** SOLD **** *** SOLD **** Gen-u-ine Burger cable. Used a couple of times. Decided to go bluetooth. Great condition. $30 shipped in the US. PM me if interested.
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    Wednesday Night Drags @ Sonoma Raceway

    Headed there this Wednesday (7/12) to try out my new setup with E30. Hit me up if you want to meet up.
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    FS: ECS spacer kit 15mm/20mm w/bolts

    ** UPDATE: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ** ECS spacer kit (15mm/20mm w/bolts) I used these for a couple of months with my Austins to bring them flush. Great kit. I WILL ship these! $160 w/free shipping in US. PM me. Local folk, if you take my Austins ($550) plus these spacers ($160) all at once and...
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    FS: Austins w/tires - NorCal, local only.

    ** EDIT 6/29 :: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ** EDIT FRI 6/16 :: PRICE DROP TO $500 They look great, several inches of minor rash on two. Lots of tread left (60-70%) on the stock 225/40/18s - they only have 12k miles on them. Comes with the stock bolts, bolt covers as well. $500. I'm in...
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    Just got 18x8 +45 Konig Oversteers... tire advice needed

    Short version: 235/40 or 245/35 on these 18x8 wheels? Long version: I'm dropped 1.25" on VWR springs. I have 5mm/10mm spacers with which to bring the new wheels flush. So, tires. 235/40s: 8mm greater diameter than stock 225s. Sidewall 3.7" In middle of recommended wheel widths (235s on...
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    FS or FT: Rotiform IND-T 18x8.5 +45

    SOLD LOCALLY @ $700. ---------------------------- Rotiform IND-T 18x8.5 5x112 +45. Silver/machined. Wrapped with Conti DW 245/40/18s. Still good life on tires -- tread depth 7/32. Very good condition. There is very little road rash only on two of them. I just picked these up from another...
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    WTB: 18x8.5 VMRs / Enkeis / Neuspeeds

    Looking for 18x8.5 ET45 wheels in black, gunmetal, or machined. I have my Austins w/stock tires on (9K miles) to give you with cash in case you're going back stock before sale. Or just cash!
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    JB4 upgrade LIVE on

    It's up there, folks! JB1 to JB4: How do we Californians get it? Any reseller leads? :)