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    So, about those catch cans...

    Well it's been nearly a year now since I put on my catch can. And now it's time to finish what I started. Some background: I first noticed that oil was pooling in the turbo outlet area when I was installing the turbo muffler delete, and a good amount of misted oil within the turbo inlet pipe...
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    Coil Packs and Injectors

    Currently chasing down a problem that results in my car not being able to start after it has lightly cooled down after 20-45 minutes and is warm. Cold starts are no problem at all, and I don't get any misfires while driving, nor have I had a cel for misfires. This winter I plan on updating my...
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    Clicking under dash DIY?

    Yep, I have the dreaded clicking under my dash finally. Does anyone know of a procedure to check out which motor it is so I can replace it myself? I'm out of bumper to bumper warranty so it will probably be out of the question. Currently at 57k miles. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    ATS-V Stock vs my GTI

    Here's a recent race a few of my friends and I had a few weeks back. ATS-V is stock and manual, but has built in no lift shift, the BMW camera car was an E30 with a big turbo strapped into it thats also manual, and my car is a 2015 GTI Autobahn, stage 2 eurodyne, 93+4 gallons of E85, cattless...