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  1. Golf MK7

    White Golf MK7 SE

    Hi guys, My Golf MK7 has arrived from Germany and i manged to take some photos of it while it is still with the dealer. I decided to leave it with the dealer till March so i can get the 13 plates.:D
  2. Golf MK7

    when to pick up the new Golf

    Hi guys, My 1.6 TDI SE Golf should be with the dealer next week. I am unsure whether to pick it next week or is it worth while waiting till 1st March so i can get the 13 Plates.:confused::confused::confused:
  3. Golf MK7

    Golf headlights

    Hi guys I am new to this form and new to buying a Golf as well. I have just ordered the mk7 1.6 tdi se model in white DSG with pedal shifters. I've not received it yet, however I am just requiring about the headlights. I saw many pictures of the golf mk7 with the same headlight as the one on the...