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    Downpipe on Stage 1 APR.

    Car : Golf 1.8T w/ intake, turbo inlet, and magnaflow 2.5" catback (muffler but no res) on APR Stage 1 tune. How much gain would a downpipe gets me if I stay stage 1 (which looks like I will be stuck with since APR discontinued Stage 2)? Already ordered a Ultimate racing one with ceramic cat...
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    UR downpipe?

    Just installed a magnaflow catback. LOVE it. So subtle. Not loud at all. Well you all know how the modding disease works, now I want a downpipe. I am eyeing the ultimate racing catted/resonated one. I want quiet (not ricer, dailyable) How loud will that be with my catback? (Im APR stage 1 btw)
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    Catback question

    Have a golf with stock DP (and will stay that way.) I can have a 2.5inch golf MF catback or a 3inch GTI MF catback for the same price. Is there a sound difference? Fittement? I have a gti rear valence on hand so thats not a factor. I mostly want a quiet setup but the gti one looks better.
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    2.5" MF (Golf) catback vs 3" MF (GTI) Catback

    Any sound difference? I can get one or the other for the same price. I have stock DP and will not upgrade it. Fitment is the same right? (I have a GTI rear lip in hand)
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    Just did resonator delete on my Golf 1.8T

    My exhaust is otherwise all stock. The resonator is held in place by a clamp on engine side that I removed. The other side you have to cut. Replaced with standard exhaust piping welded both sides. It amplify the engine 'growl' a bit which I found pleasant. It's NOT loud at all, and NO drone...