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    CEL cyl 3 misfire P030300

    >3 days ago started the car and there was a CEL > OBDeleven said P030300 cyl 3 misfire > Replaced the spark plugs and switched around the coil packs > Cleared the CEL and drove fine for 3 days > Started the car tonight after driving it most of the day and bam CEL > Got home, OBDeleven said...
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    40k DSG Service shops

    Hey y'all 40k miles is coming up for me and I was calling around for quotes on the transmission service. This is what I have so far University VW: $500 after tax AchTuning: $575 after tax Carter VW: $530 after tax I've seen posts where people said they paid $375 but I was wondering if these...
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    Hatch weather seal sticking together causing leaks during rain

    Any idea how to fix this? I get it unstuck and then it sticks back together after I close the hatch. It’s causing water to seep into the hatch through the tailight areas too. Should I just bring it in and see if they will fix it under warranty?
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    Need help choosing RSE10 color for deep black pearl GTI

    Hey y'all, I'm very close to pulling the trigger on some RSE10s after finding a good deal. However, I'm very conflicted between the gunmetal and bronze for my deep black pearl. Which would look best? I'm very 50-50 on them. Also, what tire size should I run with 18x8.5? Thanks in advance!
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    What spark plugs are recommended for APR stage one?

    What spark plugs should I run? I figure I should replace mine soon after 22k miles and recently tuned with APR. Would these plugs be good? NGK 06K905601M
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    [SOLD] JB4 w/ modified aluminum casing and bluetooth

    Time for me to move on. Looking for $360 (2-3 day priority shipping included) No pictures right now as it's still on my car but will remove once sold. Local pick up available if you're willing to meet up in Seattle. Could possibly install it on for you too SOLD
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    Need some help with aftermarket wheel sizing along with tires

    Hey all, I'm thinking of getting aftermarket wheels to replace my stock ones. Right now, I'm a bit unsure about sizing. I'm planning on pulling the trigger on KONIG RUNLITE 18x8 5x112 ET45 Matte Grey. Just not too sure if this is the correct bolt pattern. (I have PP) Also, planning on getting...
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    Found the cheapest Helix Subwoofer 000051419B currently

    I did a little web scraping off dealership websites in my region and currently, VW of Murrieta in CA has 25% off theirs. With the 10% rebate, my total spent is $433.28 (with shipping included). However, shipping will differ from where you are. I ordered direct from there for around $29 shipping...
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    M52 Mk7 Tune

    This company just released it's Mk7 stage 1 tune along with DSG yesterday I believe. Any thoughts you guys have on it?
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    Helix Subwoofer Part B difference

    Going to try to fit in helix subwoofer. What’s the difference between the 000-051-419 and 000-051-419B. Would I be fine with the non b part for my ‘17 GTI sport? Can’t find an explanation anywhere Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bricked JB4 Update

    So I went to update my JB4 and clicked the latest firmware attached. It said uploading hex and gets to around 100 then says upload failed. It did this 6 times before I decide to give it a break. Am I doing something wrong? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need measurements of a specific borla s catback piece

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a specific measurement for a piece in the 140597 catback. I'm not able to do it since I'm at my college house right now and I do not have access to any lifts or tools to dissassemble. Borla also wasn't able to help me. If anyone does happen to have theirs not installed...
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    JB4 w/ modified aluminum casing and bluetooth

    Bought locally off of someone on here. Time for me to move on to better and faster. $450 including shipping (got for $500)
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    Anyone in Seattle area can help me install my borla catback?

    I need someone with a lift or jacks to help me install my new catback. I'm a student at UW and I don't have any tools at my college house. Shops are giving me a quote of $100-$200 for something that could be easily DIY. If someone in the area could help me out, I'd reward ya with a case of beer...
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    Selling JB4 (Bluetooth/aluminum case) - Seattle

    I bought my JB4 on here from Derushi. I’m getting rid of it because I’m getting an APR tune soon. It’s in the same condition as I got it. Pictures: I’m looking for $450 (got for $500). Figured I’d look for someone local before posting elsewhere.
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    Help installing Ed's Euro tails