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  1. J

    It's the subtle cosmetic mods I like... POST YOURS

    I don't know if they have that but try this site.
  2. J

    Can you tell if the turbo has been swapped from these pictures?

    It depends upon your definition of abused. I've known guys whose cars were meticulously detailed that completely neglected the maintenance.
  3. J

    Does APR do sales on Tunes?

    It isn't the Cobb tunes that you want. But you have to get a Cobb Access Port to get tunes from several other companies including EQT which has a tremendous reputation for their tunes and customer service.
  4. J

    2019 GTI 6MT Performance Issues I'd Like to Correct

    Just for the heck of it would you please post a one short sentence post please. 😂
  5. J

    Looking to Switch From Unitronic

    It sounds like you want more power with as minimum of cost as possible in which case I would go with the Littco L380 and an EQT protune or remote dyno tune. You'll be near 400 HP with that setup.
  6. J

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Which one did you order?
  7. J

    Radio problems

    Thanks. You're officially my UK interpreter now.
  8. J

    How come CTS Turbo catch can is constantly getting full?

    You'll only get condensation when the temperature is near freezing or below.
  9. J

    MK7 GTI POV APR S2 P&B's -6MT-

    Welcome to the forum and a good job with the video. Sorry but I don't care for the pops and bangs.
  10. J

    2020 Golf R 8 spotted.

    It's a little late now.
  11. J

    Picking a wheel that will clear the brakes ('19 GTI)

    When I got my Motegi wheels they cleared the calipers in the front. When I then needed new brake pads it pushes the caliper further out and wouldn't clear the caliper. That's how I eneded up with spacers but like I said I'm glad that I got the spacers because of how the wheel is now even with...
  12. J

    Picking a wheel that will clear the brakes ('19 GTI)

    Exactly. It happened to me and I had to then add spacers.
  13. J

    Radio problems

    Disconnecting the battery definitely won't get rid of the presets. I doubt it will the bluetooth pairings but I don't know for sure on that.
  14. J

    2017 Golf R - Warranty & Mods Questions

    If you're going to the dealer for powertrain related warranty problems you definitely remove it.
  15. J

    Need new ecu..... help?

    Pretty sure only a dealer can handle the immobilizer. I know that's true of Hyundai and I would think VW would be the same to prevent theft.
  16. J

    Picking a wheel that will clear the brakes ('19 GTI)

    Make sure that you have new brake pads installed when you fit the new wheels. I found that out the hard way.
  17. J

    Overboost code P023400

    In that case it's an even more ridiculous price. They'll probably want even more to calibrate it.
  18. J

    42 Draft Designs 5x112 spacers

    Just curious does that include the appropriate length lug bolts?
  19. J

    Does APR do sales on Tunes?

    Hardly worth getting. Get a Cobb AP and have control of your tune.