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    R brakes on 1.4 tsi

    Hi guys. Have one for the technical minded here... I have the 1.4 tsi witch has 288mm brakes in front. Have fitted other carriers so now running 312mm on stock calibers. I’m thinking about fitting 340mm with R/performance calibers and perhaps also the rear brakes. Do I need to change the Master...
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    tire pressure.....

    Hi Guys, What would you recommend for tire pressure for 235/35-19 on a 8,5x19 Wheel, fittde on 1.4 tsi? bgds Dan
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    Brake upgrade for 1.4 tsi

    Hi Guys, I have question for those how knows brakes. Was thinking upgrading the 288mm front brakes as Golfdave described to 312mm. Can you take it a step further to fit 340mm fx. R/PP brakes? Can you get a bracket to fit them to the hub and will you need to upgrade the master brake...