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  1. bfury5

    WTB: VW Rotary Wheels

    I've got a set of Rotary wheels in CT, I can try and get them cleaned up this weekend to get some pictures (they're summer wheels for me)
  2. bfury5

    Staggered Bilsteins

    I have the B6s on stock springs and can confirm that's the case, I talked with Bilstein reps before I purchased mine. B8 simply has a shorter stroke like you mentioned
  3. bfury5

    Prepping for 2020 AutoX: Endlinks, brake fluid, alignment, spacers

    Yeah getting to dial the alignment is something I haven't done a lot of in the past, but I know a few fast FWD guys so with their input and some of the stuff I've seen around here I should have a decent starting point. Finding a good alignment shop has been the bigger hassle. I have the stock...
  4. bfury5

    Prepping for 2020 AutoX: Endlinks, brake fluid, alignment, spacers

    This sounds like a really, really fun setup. Curious how you like the brembos?
  5. bfury5

    Prepping for 2020 AutoX: Endlinks, brake fluid, alignment, spacers

    Having a non-s is the exact reason to prep for STH, it fixes all of the unfortunate limitations of the platform (like camber and LSD). Glad to hear you're enjoying it / hoping for the same!
  6. bfury5

    Anyone run Canaan Motor Club or an event with MassTuning?

    Never run with Masstuning, but I ran an Autox with CMC a while ago and they were a pretty good group of guys. Are you look for more track or Autox?
  7. bfury5

    2019 G Street Nationals Dashboard

    Dave is quick, and beat me at nats. I've seen him at a few local courses and things were a little closer. There are a few locals who have the SI and are pretty good drivers, but I can hang with them. But the SI in truly capable hands will easily win. I've always wanted to do a back to back with...
  8. bfury5

    WTB: 18x9" Lightweight wheels (New England area)

    Interesting, I'm at 26.25" right now with my stock suspension, and my suspension going in will probably put be around 25.5". I have camber plates going in as well, so maybe the ET45 is a safer bet
  9. bfury5

    Ask Me Anything: Lug Nut, Bolts and Wheel Locks!

    When you say width, do you mean diameter? FWIW, I've worked with stress plots of threads and a standard UNJ (slightly different from a metric thread due to root radius) thread typically sees all the load spread across the first 7 engaged threads. After that the stress becomes so small it's...
  10. bfury5

    Autocross legality (ST) of deadset kit?

    Welcome to SCCA classing. They get pretty far into the weeds unfortunately
  11. bfury5

    WTB: 18x9" Lightweight wheels (New England area)

    Monkey, your response got me thinking about the FC04 in 18x9 ET40. Based on your experience with the ET45 Rennforms, do you think the extra 5mm of poke will make a huge difference on fender clearance?
  12. bfury5

    New wheels on the way: FAST FC04

    Shot in the dark here, but anyone ever run these in the 18x9 ET40 size?
  13. bfury5

    2019 G Street Nationals Dashboard

    For starters, start with the PP GTI. The diff really comes into play. I don't have a diff, and as a result the XDS+ system really overheats the brakes and increases tire temp too. The diff takes some of that away which is keY. A large rear bar and pulling the abs fuse to get real esc off makes a...
  14. bfury5

    WTB: 18x9" Lightweight wheels (New England area)

    Thanks for the input! I had most of those wheels in my bookmarks as well, and the Rennform always come out as the best value (price and weight). The looks are slightly growing on me, and at the end of the day these will probably get beat up so it's all a moot point. The TTS wheels I didn't know...
  15. bfury5

    Brand New Wavetrac LSD for GTI

    Is this still available?
  16. bfury5

    Thoughts on motor/transmission mounts?

    Bingo, hence why I said I'll be replacing the rest of the mounts in short order.
  17. bfury5

    WTB: 18x9" Lightweight wheels (New England area)

    Thanks for the recommendation. I've actually seen the Rennforms before, but honestly I'm not super thrilled on the look of them. Despite the fact that these will be race only wheels I could probably look past it, but I'd feel better if I liked the style. Without going to a full forged set, it...
  18. bfury5

    2019 G Street Nationals Dashboard

    Can confirm that course #2 was much trickier to nail. Course #1 rewarded speed but also bit hard. I think most people on that course were inching closer to the edge and finding speed.
  19. bfury5

    Aggressive wheel fitment thread/stance

    Looked at those Advan GT and immediately fell in love (been searching for a solid 18x9 setup), then had a reality check when I checked the price tag on those
  20. bfury5


    Learning that right now unfortunately as I search for an 18x9 autox setup. I don't hate the look of the Rennforms, but all of the wheels I love are sized 18x8.5