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    Depo Racing (ebay) catted downpipe review

    I also have that one. It only smells after cold start. But I always start the car in the morning before work and let it idle for a few minutes while I get my shoes and coat on, etc. The garage is for sure a gas chamber even with the door wide open, but all seems fine after that. I will say the...
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    Throttle hesitation

    Boo this man!
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    Sudden Perfume Smell

    If you were to take every post OP has made in his short time here and stitched them together end to end, you'd have the greatest story ever told. Or the longest. One of those.
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    Racing stripes and a bunch of stickers. Will up your power by about treefiddy
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    My GTI's Value?

    about tree fiddy
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    Mk7 Clutch Bypass Options?

    It's pretty much been solved. Search for threads by my username. I've provided links to all the major parts. Will do a full diy at some point.
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    Interesting find regarding Fuse 40

    Thats interesting!
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    How to: Make a mk7 6MT Suck Less

    I mostly agree with this, except I found the first shift into reverse to back out of the garage in the morning can be a bit difficult if car not really warmed up. Forward gears when cold are smooth, though seem notchier (which I kind of like) than with stock oil.
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    Talk me out of it...

    Yes. I searched for 2 months for a sport, due in large part because of the wheels. Not because the Nogaros are amazing, but because I hate the standard wheels so much. Eventually I found one, also in the exact color I wanted in a neighboring state and had it shipped here. It was 20k and change...
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    Well, like anything - it sucked ass the first time, especially with no guide / info to follow. If I had to do it again from scratch, it probably wouldn't be bad at all.
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    Here's a close up of the mount. I tried to think of a way where everything could remain stock, but in the end it made the most sense to drill 2 small holes (3mm) in the clutch pedal housing.
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    GTI 6MT vs Mini cooper 6MT vs used gensis G70 6MT(USA 2020)

    For rippin drifties, brah. Seriously though, that's pretty much why I like having it.
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    Other people from before I took up the task determined that It will throw errors / codes, eventually will fail to work unless you remove the magnet and clear the codes and even when it does work, things like the cruise control or anything else that depends on the clutch position sensors will get...
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    If someone else wants to give this a go, here's a quick rundown of the major parts you will need: Solenoid with an available 1+ inch of stroke ($25) Spring return kit ($15) Timer delay...
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    Quick update - have been using this for coming up on 10 days, and the last 7 using for my usual routine (as opposed to just dozens of tests in a row while sitting in the garage). That's on the order of 30 starts as part of normal use, plus 50 or so tests. Has not yet failed to work. No...
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    Crank walk / class action (we need to get together)

    I see what you're saying now. Is there additional mass / strain from starting with the clutch clamped and the extra shaft (or whatever they label it) spinning? The answer is, I don't know? Seems obvious there would be a non zero amount extra, but perhaps is negligible compared to the mass of...
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    Crank walk / class action (we need to get together)

    Thread is on page 2 somewhere. "clutch start defeat solved (maybe)" is the title. I don't understand your second question. The car starts exactly the same from all appearances. If anything it seems to fire up even faster. Is there a big difference between neutral via clutch in VS neutral with...
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    Crank walk / class action (we need to get together)

    That was me and it is why I did it. My stock clutch started slipping shortly after going stage 2. I've got an rsr replacement sitting in the garage, waiting to be put in (waiting for warmer weather). Shortly after starting my research into what clutches I might go with I stumbled onto the...
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    Crank walk / class action (we need to get together)

    No kidding. Link to diy or write ups?
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    Crank walk / class action (we need to get together)

    Can replacing the suspect thrust bearings be done in-situ from underneath like the BMW guys do with rod bearings?